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Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

  • SAP to speech enable applications

    On Wednesday SAP moved one step closer to voice-enabling its applications by signing a deal with VoiceObjects, a developer of voice application management systems.

  • PeopleSoft to launch mobile synchronization

    PeopleSoft has announced a deal with Intellisync to use its data synchronisation technology, Intellisync Mobile Suite, to enable its enterprise users deployed on PeopleSoft's Enterprise and EnterpriseOne product suites to wirelessly update data and work offline while disconnected from the corporate server.

  • PeopleSoft inks deal with Perfect Commerce

    Looking to simplify the use of its procurement offerings for suppliers, PeopleSoft announced on Tuesday a deal with Perfect Commerce to bundle access to its Open Supplier Network as part of the PeopleSoft Enterprise eProcurement suite.

  • Good-bye PCI, hello PCI Express

    One of the most comprehensive refreshes of Intel architecture will start rolling out in the coming months. The PCI Express bus will replace current I/O interfaces, such as PCI for device interconnects and AGP8X for graphics, on all servers, workstations, desktops, notebooks, and communications devices.

  • Microsoft unveils final Longhorn roadmap

    With rumors rampant over the release date and what's inside of Microsoft's next major OS release, Longhorn, company executives launched a full-court press on the tech media Wednesday, laying out a timetable for its upcoming OS releases and providing more details about Longhorn's features.

  • REALITY CHECK: Warning: Exploding batteries

    During the past several months, you may have read a several of horror stories about exploding batteries in laptops and cell phones. One such story is interesting; two stories unusual. But when I read three stories, all in reputable news outlets, well, that’s a trend.

  • Apple unveils dual G5 Xserve

    Apple Computer Inc. continues to muscle its way into the enterprise this week as it unveiled at the MacWorld Conference & Expo here in San Francisco three new models of its Xserve with 2GHz, G5 processors from IBM Corp. at its core.

  • Sybase delivers Panther-ready database

    Sybase Inc. will continue to add an enterprise sheen to the Mac environment this week with the unveiling of the next version of Sybase ASE (Adaptive Server Enterprise) 12.5.1 at the MacWorld Conference & Expo, in San Francisco.