Stories by Yardena Arar

  • The next generation of powerline networking

    The long-awaited HomePlug AV specification for superfast networking through conventional electrical wiring in homes and small offices has been ratified, paving the way for products as early as next March.

  • ExpressCards more desktop-friendly

    For years, PC Cards have been the preferred means of connecting high-bandwidth peripherals to notebooks and other portables. Now, they're getting a make­over: Today's credit card-like format is giving way to a smaller, faster, and more desktop-friendly format called ExpressCard

  • High-definition TV gets even higher

    High-definition television (HDTV) is still in its infancy, but already a new crop of sets is upping the ante on screen resolution. At the 2005 International Consumer Electronics Show, almost all major vendors were showing high-end sets with native 1080p screen formats - a big step up from the 720p format of today's HDTVs.

  • Flat TVs take off

    LCD, plasma, and other flat-panel technologies account for only a small share of the TVs sold today, but they're rapidly gaining ground, especially in larger sizes.

  • Palm’s power line-up

    If you’re wavering between a Palm and a Pocket PC for your next personal digital assistant (PDA), Palm makes the decision even harder with innovative models that address prior products’ weaknesses. I tried out shipping versions of the Tungsten T3 and the Tungsten E, as well as the more consumer-oriented, Zire 21.

  • ATI to Tivo-ize networked homes

    ATI Technologies has announced at Comdex a software update that will enable ATI All-in-Wonder graphics boards to act as home video servers.

  • Palm firms get new names

    Palm is giving up its name soon to mark its formal separation into two companies: the operating-system company, already known as Palmsource; and the hardware company, currently the Palm Solutions Group, which will be known as PalmOne.

  • Palm updates Tungsten T with more memory

    Palm has launched a new, more multimedia-friendly version of the Tungsten T, the first handheld based on the Palm 5 operating system. The company also announced price cuts on two older models.

  • N+I: Wi-Fi networks get a security upgrade

    The long-awaited replacement to Wi-Fi's weak built-in security algorithm has finally arrived, with several major vendors at the Networld+Interop trade show announcing products or plans to support the upgrade in existing products through software upgrades.

  • Intel launches cell phone chip

    Intel wants to be inside your next cell phone. The microprocessor giant is introducing a wireless Internet-on-a-chip processor that integrates communications, applications processing, and memory functions - the key components of a smart cell phone.

  • Sub-$US1000 data projector on the horizon

    A data projector priced under a grand? It's a notion that sounds as fanciful as a sub-$US500 PC did a decade ago. But PCs have hit that price point, and with entry-level DLP projectors now costing well under $2,000, the $999 projector could appear in 2003 or sooner, say analysts and projector vendors here at Infocomm.

  • Windows XP to ship October 25

    Windows XP will launch on October 25, amid "hundreds of millions" of dollars' worth of festivities that will dwarf the publicity blitz for Windows 95, Microsoft has announced.

  • Flat-panel price decreases forecast

    A continued slide in LCD monitor prices could make 15 inch flat panel displays as cheap as $500 next year-and possibly hot items for Christmas 2001, an industry official says.