Stories by Bob Violino

  • What is the Internet of Things?

    Chances are you've heard about the Internet of Things (IoT)—or you will soon enough. The term carries a number of definitions. But in general, the IoT refers to uniquely identifiable objects, such as corporate assets or consumer goods, and their virtual representations in an Internet-like structure.

  • Enterprise apps get social

    Social media mania is having a huge impact on traditional business applications. Companies that are leveraging this trend are seeing significant benefits, including collaboration and data sharing in ways they've not experienced before.

  • RFID: Befuddled by FUD

    Radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology has shown promise as a way to monitor the movement and even the condition of all sorts of objects.

  • Inside Intel, part 1: Evolution of IT security

    Like many other companies, processor manufacturer, Intel Corporation, is having to evolve its information security focus to meet the changes underway in the technology landscape—particularly with the rapid growth of mobile devices and applications and the rise in cloud computing services.

  • Getting the most out of IPS

    Intrusion prevention systems — security tools designed to stop problems even before they crop up — have emerged as indispensable components of defense-in-depth security strategies.

  • Securing the new data center

    It’s hard enough to secure resources when they are bound to a physical box, but the game changes when servers are virtualized and start to move around, not only to other servers in the data center, but also to off-premise cloud facilities.

  • In depth: Unified communications still fragmented

    Unified communications (UC) technology has garnered a fair amount of attention, much of it due to vendors touting their UC offerings as the answer to problems workers have keeping in touch with colleagues, business partners and customers in a highly frenetic, increasingly mobile business world.

  • Will your next car steal itself?

    As vehicles offer an ever-growing number of digital features, they could present several security threats--unless automakers manage these technologies effectively.