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Stories by John Cox

  • COMDEX - Wireless LAN-enabled cars

    Mercedes-Benz USA is showing off a c320 Sedan that's been outfitted with an IEEE 802.11a LAN based on a radio chipset from Atheros Communications.

  • IBM plots course for Informix database

    Although IBM will keep in place a schedule to introduce some improvements to the Informix database, its days are numbered. IBM's DB2 Universal Database is the company's strategic offering, and IBM will encourage Informix customers to consider switching to DB2 for new applications.

  • Small vendor sues networking big guns

    A tiny manufacturer of wireless LANs has filed federal lawsuits against some of the network industry giants, charging them with infringing on key wireless patents.

  • Survey shows XML use growing fast in enterprises

    Use of XML among enterprise customers is soaring, according to a recent survey. But the survey found users have a very different set of priorities from those of software vendors touting XML's more exotic promises.

  • Sybase to offer newWireless apps service

    Sybase subsidiary iAnywhere Solutions has announced a service that supports the designing, building, hosting and running of wireless applications for enterprise customers in the US.

  • Wireless enterprise products on show

    If you didn't get a chance to attend the Wireless IT 2000 show in the US last week, you missed a variety of vendors unveiling a heap of products aimed at making wireless data services over the Internet a more viable option for corporate users.

  • UPS high on new wireless ASP service

    By John Cox | 06 September, 2000 12:37

    Wireless application service provider Air2Web last week will unveil a service based on Java and XML that enterprises can use to deliver corporate data to wireless devices.

  • Sun ploy sparks Java grumbling

    Sun's recent confirmation that it has scrapped plans to make Java an international standard has put a damper on the company's coming out party for a new enterprise edition of the technology. And some of Sun's strongest supporters are riled.

  • Java messaging tools allow 'bulletproof safes'

    A new breed of communications software is emerging that will be critical to Java's success in enterprise nets. These products, such as Progress Software's new SonicMQ, let Java applications reliably share information with each other and with existing applications on corporate networks.

  • Wireless device steals show

    Two things were clearly hot at the recent PC Expo: the New York weather and wireless devices. Palm Computer stole the spotlight with an America Online deal that will let AOL's 17 million members get e-mail delivered to Palm's handheld computers.