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Stories by Michael Cooney

  • Exactly what is Homeland Security watching for on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube?

    The idea that <a href="">any number of federal institutions are watching</a> your every move on social networks like Facebook, Twitter is unnerving at best. T<a href="">he Department of Homeland Security</a> is one of those agencies and today it testified before a House subcommittee to define and defend its role in social media monitoring.

  • FBI unbolts Steve Jobs 1991 investigation file

    The FBI today released a background check it did on <a href="">Apple</a>'s founder <a href="">Steve Jobs</a> when he was being considered for a position on the President's Export Council under George H.W. Bush in 1991.

  • FTC warns background screening mobile apps may be unlawful

    The Federal Trade Commission this week said it sent letters to six unidentified <a href="">mobile</a> <a href="">applications</a> makers warning them that their <a href="">background screening apps</a> may be violating federal statutes.

  • How NOT to get a job 101: Hack Marriott, extort execs for work

    The <a href="">Department of Justice</a> today said a man who sent malicious code to Marriott International Corporation, threatening to reveal confidential information taken from the company's computers if Marriott did not offer him a job, has been sent to prison for his criminal endeavor.

  • FBI busts software copyright fugitive who fled to Pakistan

    The <a href="">FBI</a> today said it arrested a man on charges of illegally reproducing and distributing more than 1<a href="">00 copyrighted commercial software programs</a> who had fled the country after being indicted last year.

  • FBI busts programmer for stealing US Treasury code

    The FBI said it arrested a computer programmer in New York this week and charged him with stealing <a href="">proprietary software code</a> from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York. The software known as the Government-Wide Accounting and Reporting Program (GWA) handles all manner of U.S. government financial transactions.

  • Cybersecurity help exists, focusing it is the trick

    There are a <a href="">ton of groups</a> out there that offer <a href="">cybersecurty</a> help and guidance, the trick, it seems is finding he right one for you organization.

  • Mobile shopping had monster holiday season

    Sales and traffic from mobile devices to online retailers during the holidays doubled over 2012 with <a href="">Apple</a> <a href="">iPhone</a> and <a href="">iPad</a> users leading the charge, according to research from IBM.

  • Do you know your cyberthreats?

    The watchdogs at the Government Accountability Office this week issued a report that takes a look at what information, or guidance as they call it, is available to help government agencies and public sector companies bulk up their cybersecurity efforts.