Stories by Jeremy Kirk

  • Kama Sutra worm programmed to overwrite data files on Feb. 3

    Antivirus vendors are still warning of a rapidly-spreading worm that is carrying a potentially destructive set of instructions. The Nyxem worm -- also nicknamed the Kama Sutra worm -- is programmed to overwrite all of the files on computers it infects on Feb. 3, said Mikko Hypponen, chief research officer at F-Secure.

  • Microsoft to bolster Software Assurance program

    Microsoft is planning several major changes to beef up features of Software Assurance, the company's maintenance and upgrade program that has been criticized for its expense and slow follow-up with new products.

  • Backup software sees exploit, patches

    EMC has issued patches for security problems with its data backup software, while exploit code has been released targeting a flaw in backup software from Veritas Software that the company patched last year.

  • Analyst: No effect from tardy XP service pack

    Microsoft's plan to release a third service pack for Windows XP later than expected should not have much effect on sales of Windows Vista, the company's upcoming desktop upgrade, according to a market analyst.

  • LANDesk acquires BMP technologies

    Systems management vendor LANDesk Software is expanding into business process management (BPM) by acquiring the assets of NewRoad Software for an undisclosed sum, LANDesk announced on Wednesday.

  • Microsoft issues WMF patch for Vista OS build

    Microsoft has issued a patch for a preliminary version of its Vista OS for the same graphics-rendering problem that raised concerns about current versions of the Windows OS earlier this month.

  • Microsoft shuts down Chinese blogger's site

    Microsoft has blocked the site of a Chinese blogger critical of the government, raising sharp questions from its own employees over how far the company should go in abiding by restrictive laws used to curtail free speech and press in the communist country.

  • CES - New HP products aim for multimedia mesh

    Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) released a host of new TV, laptop PC and digital camera models Wednesday at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas, underscoring the company's work to ease the sharing of videos, music and photographs between devices and the Internet.

  • Nortel acquires Tasman Networks

    Nortel Networks Corp. announced Tuesday it will acquire Tasman Networks Inc., a provider of enterprise-level routers, for US$99.5 million.

  • Patch causes glitches with beta version of IE browser

    Microsoft is receiving scattered reports that one of the security patches issued last week for Internet Explorer (IE) is causing problems for users testing a new beta version of the browser alongside the existing version, according to a company blogger.

  • Pirate software dealer sold £3 million in goods

    Microsoft estimates that a U.K. company sold £3 million (US$5.2 million) in counterfeit software before legal action, followed by a settlement, shut the site down earlier this year, a company antipiracy official said Friday.

  • Secret code lurks in Sober variant

    Security vendors have discovered a variant of the Sober worm which they say is programmed to download an unknown piece of code from various Internet addresses early next month, launching a potential barrage of traffic on the Internet.