Stories by Jon Gold

  • Firefox makes progress on Metro version

    A preliminary version of the Mozilla Firefox web browser designed to work with Microsoft's Metro interface for Windows 8 is up and running, according to a blog post from platform engineer Brian Bondy.

  • Dell's acquisition a Wyse one, analysts say

    Dell's announcement on Monday that it had finalized an agreement to acquire thin client maker Wyse allows the company to fill a portfolio gap that had been exploited by competitors such as HP, according to industry experts.

  • New IBM CEO in middle of Masters golf controversy

    Two long-standing traditions at Augusta National Golf Club are on a collision course just a week before the institution's biggest event of the year. The host of the Masters, one of professional golf's most prestigious competitions, has never admitted a female member -- but the club's partnership with IBM has historically meant that the CEO of that company is offered one of the iconic green membership jackets.

  • Google says 'Go' to new programming language

    Google announced the first stable release of its new programming language -- dubbed "Go" -- on Wednesday, providing an initial base of support for new projects and applications. Binaries have been released for Windows, Linux, FreeBSD and OS X.

  • Open-source designs for your very own tricorder now available online

    Ever wanted to wave a tricorder at something, furrow your brow, and announce, "captain, I am picking up an odd concentration of signals in this area?" If you have - and what Star Trek fan hasn't? - you might want to give Peter Jansen's tricorder project a look. The Canadian designer recently released full specifications for two versions of his own hand-held multi-sensor.

  • Is there a 'best' way to set up your private Cloud storage?

    Given that Cloud computing is still emerging, it shouldn't come as a surprise that opinions vary widely on the best way to architect the storage. In fact, it seems likely that there is no such panacea - different types of private Cloud almost always require different approaches.

  • Iceland latest to make big noises about open source

    A recent report that the government of Iceland is making progress in its efforts to adopt open-source software is the latest indication that public sector IT leaders are increasingly interested in moving away from proprietary products.

  • IBM battles dire mainframe myths

    The perception of mainframe technology as outmoded or inefficient is wildly inaccurate in a number of important ways, according to IBM's chief architect for cloud computing, Frank DeGilio.

  • Judge strips 'copyright troll' of disputed copyrights

    Notorious "copyright troll" Righthaven has been hit with another in what has been lengthening string of legal defeats as a federal judge on Monday ordered that all intellectual property related to the company's failed copyright lawsuit against blogger Wayne Hoehn be taken away from it and assigned to a receiver.