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Stories by InfoWorld staff

  • Why a change to an AutoCAD file format is throwing some WAN accelerators for a loop

    An innocent change to an AutoCAD file format has cut sharply into the ability of some WAN acceleration solutions to speed the transfer of these files, and caused grumblings in some widely distributed AutoCAD shops over slowed WAN performance. The problem affects users of AutoCAD 2007 and 2008 (specifically those who open and save the design program's files over a WAN) and stems from a change to the DWG file format for AutoCAD 2007.

  • Zend PHP to run on Windows Server 2008

    PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) tools company Zend Technologies is announcing this week that its Zend Core product will run on the Windows Server 2008 platform, providing parity between Windows Server and Linux in running PHP.

  • Crackpot technologies that could shake up IT

    It doesn't take a genius to catch on to the fact that in IT, innovation is a mandate. Push the envelope of what's possible, or find yourself relegated to wayside. But, to borrow a favored David St. Hubbins Spinal Tap aphorism, there's a fine line between clever and crackpot when it comes to making good on technological breakthroughs in the enterprise.

  • Be prepared: ActiveX attacks will persist

    A recent string of high-profile ActiveX vulnerabilities caused the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (US-CERT) to advise users to disable the ubiquitous Microsoft browser plug-in technology altogether. The vectors for these recent exploits include a third-party image uploading tool used on both the Facebook and MySpace social networking sites, and flaws found in Yahoo's Music Jukebox, Real Networks' RealPlayer, and Apple's QuickTime.

  • Executives debate intrusion prevention

    No security topic generates more spirited debate than intrusion prevention. Deployed on the edge -- and increasingly, deep inside -- the network, IPSes (intrusion prevention systems) purport to identify and stop attacks before they start based on constantly updated threat profiles.

  • ADIC integrates with HP, Red Hat

    Advanced Digital Information has this month started shipping the latest version of its StorNext policy-based data-management software, which helps organisations store, access, and protect digital assets across multiple storage devices and operating systems.

  • Voice over wireless LAN: Ready or not?

    WLANs (Wireless LANs) are still in the experimental phase at most companies. Why? Because wireless security standards remain in flux. But a more obvious obstacle to wholehearted adoption is the lack of a compelling need for wireless in the average office, which already has a perfectly functional, wired LAN in place.

  • Groove names ex-USI exec as president

    Groove Networks on Wednesday announced that former USInternetworking COO Chuck Teubner will join the company as president and COO and focus on day-to-day operations of the peer-to-peer software vendor.

  • HP joins with Accenture

    Hewlett-Packard has teamed with professional-services firm Accenture to help users deal with ERP (enterprise resource planning) entanglements, including the migration of legacy mainframe applications to current infrastructure and platforms.

  • Toshiba plans PDA

    Toshiba is planning to enter the PDA market mid-2001, the company said last week. Details of the new product, which is in the planning stage, are yet to be formalised, company spokeswoman Yumiko Kokubu said.

  • Growth Slows in PC Server Market

    The market for PC servers in 1998 was markedly slower than the market in 1996 and 1997, according to a report by market researcher International Data Corporation (IDC). At an 8 per cent rate, the growth of the PC server market -- defined by Intel-based servers priced at less than $US25,000 -- was stronger than that of other server markets but down year-over-year. In 1996, the PC server growth rate was 50 per cent; it was 42 per cent in 1997.