Stories by Bob Brown

  • Does your company have a clue about Web 2.0?

    Web 2.0 might mean something different to nearly everyone familiar with the term. According to Fidelity Labs' Charles Berman, it could one day mean wider use of colorful, 3-D, graphical interfaces along the lines of what you see in virtual worlds like Second Life and popular games like World of Warcraft on business Web sites and desktops.

  • BOB as an IT industry acronym?

    SpongeBob SquarePants is cool, and Bob the Builder isn't a bad guy. I can even root for "Smiling Bob" on those Enzyte natural male enhancement commercials.

  • CA exec weighs in on acquisitions

    Computer Associates has acquired 91 companies over its history and during the past year or so has spent about US$1 billion on buy-outs, including those of Aprisma/Concord, Netegrity and Niku. Look for more of the same in the months ahead.

  • Wireless debates swirl through the Vortex

    Vendors might be furiously trying to exploit Wi-Fi wireless LAN technology, but the consensus at last week’s Vortex 2003 conference was that few have figured out how to make a real business of it.