Stories by Lucas Mearian

  • McData sues Brocade over patent infringement

    Storage networking vendor McData is suing rival Brocade Communications Systems for patent infringement, claiming that at least two Brocade products use its technology for measuring data traffic flow on storage area networks.

  • Intel announces iSCSI network interface card

    Intel recently announced that it is manufacturing a SCSI-over-IP (iSCSI) host bus adapter card that one analyst said will go a long way toward building industry-wide momentum behind less expensive and more easily managed storage-area networks (SAN).

  • Storage vendors boast of wire speed iSCSI SAN

    Three storage vendors last week claimed to have cobbled together a SCSI over IP (iSCSI) storage network out of off-the-shelf hardware, beating by a year industry expectations about when the first viable iSCSI storage area networks (SAN) would ship.

  • EMC, Compaq move to integrate devices

    Compaq Computer and EMC, two of the fiercest competitors in the storage market, are opening their programming interfaces to each other to make it easier for IT managers to integrate their rival disk arrays on storage networks.

  • Highmark sues KPMG over failed IT project

    Health insurer Highmark is suing KPMG Consulting for what is likely to be tens of millions of dollars over what it says was the consultancy's failure to create a "critical" electronic billing and accounts receivable system. Highmark said KPMG abandoned the two-year, $US15 million project this summer after it missed deadlines and created cost overruns through mistakes.

  • Court rules Imation can sell its own DLT tapes

    A California court ruled today that Imation can sell its own version of digital linear tape (DLT) cartridges based on Quantum Corp.'s technology but will have to pay a hefty royalty to Quantum for each tape sold.

  • Vendors test IP-based storage technologies

    Two groups of vendors have set up separate transcontinental and global storage networks based on emerging IP-based data-transport standards. But the storage-over-IP technologies still aren't expected to be robust enough for enterprise uses for at least another year, say analysts.

  • Nasdaq CIO leaves for Capital One job

    Nasdaq Stock Market CIO Gregor Bailar is leaving to head up Capital One Financial's IT department, where a business executive vice president and a technology executive had been sharing the CIO role for the past year and a half.

  • EMC keeps focus on high-end Symmetrix

    Data storage market leader EMC last week announced three new Symmetrix disk arrays, saying they offer users twice the raw storage capacity and 16 times the number of mainframe Escon connections supported by the company's existing devices.

  • US ATTACK: The toll of terror on Wall Street

    Financial services firms may have to spend billions of dollars to replace IT equipment and software in the wake of this week's terrorist attack on New York's World Trade Center, said industry experts. But customer and business-critical data appear to have been saved by robust automated remote data-backup technologies and effective disaster-prevention strategies.

  • EMC disputes Compaq 'lead' in storage

    EMC, which has long proclaimed itself the data storage market leader, was miffed today over statements by Compaq Computer that two research firms say it now dominates the storage marketplace.