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Bolting down business security begins with employees

Unexpected security and economic measures, and an unprecedented shift in the workforce, have underscored what has been a challenging year for business. With the COVID-19 pandemic impacting accepted operational norms it has been challenging to plan for the long-term. While cybersecurity has also been affected, there are constants that continue to be a key focus.

Cloud security is no longer an afterthought

The cloud is a necessary solution for many companies but it also offers up challenges, as well. Today, infosec professionals are faced with navigating the fine line between the two as organisations shift their workload to the cloud, often faster than originally planned, due to a pandemic that left employees working in remote locations.

Humans are the weakest link

In-depth analysis of Bitdefender’s telemetry from 110,000 endpoints in the first half of 2020 show misconfigurations and human error are the initial cause of majority of cyber-attacks.

Mapping the threat landscape in 2020

The global pandemic, COVID-19, has caused some of the most significant disruptions to the way we work and live that we’ve seen in generations. As one UN report found, close to a third (27 per cent) of workers in high-income nations have the capacity to work from home, and through the pandemic close to that entire demographic would have shifted entirely to remote work.

Mandrake – Advanced Android Spyware with a Keen Eye for Australia

Cybercriminals who leverage Google Play as a distribution model are notoriously sloppy, leaving many clues as to their malice. As a result, their campaigns are typically short-lived. The team behind Mandrake are different. One of the most complex spyware frameworks ever to target regular Android users, Mandrake has been steadily claiming victims – and profits – over the past few years, and their malice continues to plague unsuspecting users, including users in Australia.

Understanding the Risks of Remote Work

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, everyone is now turning to remote work as a solution to keep their businesses running. This transition could also expose organisations to a different type of virus -- the one that lurks maliciously in the background of computers.