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Humans are the weakest link

In-depth analysis of Bitdefender’s telemetry from 110,000 endpoints in the first half of 2020 show misconfigurations and human error are the initial cause of majority of cyber-attacks.

Mapping the threat landscape in 2020

The global pandemic, COVID-19, has caused some of the most significant disruptions to the way we work and live that we’ve seen in generations. As one UN report found, close to a third (27 per cent) of workers in high-income nations have the capacity to work from home, and through the pandemic close to that entire demographic would have shifted entirely to remote work.

Mandrake – Advanced Android Spyware with a Keen Eye for Australia

Cybercriminals who leverage Google Play as a distribution model are notoriously sloppy, leaving many clues as to their malice. As a result, their campaigns are typically short-lived. The team behind Mandrake are different. One of the most complex spyware frameworks ever to target regular Android users, Mandrake has been steadily claiming victims – and profits – over the past few years, and their malice continues to plague unsuspecting users, including users in Australia.

Understanding the Risks of Remote Work

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, everyone is now turning to remote work as a solution to keep their businesses running. This transition could also expose organisations to a different type of virus -- the one that lurks maliciously in the background of computers.