Connecting brands with IT.


Vocus is one of Australia and New Zealand’s largest fibre network and services providers, connecting wholesale, enterprise and government customers through our extensive fibre network, and to the world via our diverse, high-capacity links to major global gateways. Our network is backed by the support of local account management teams, local provisioning and 24/7 Australian-based network operations centres.

Why fibre is crucial to the future of 5G

As 5G begins taking a hold in Australia, mobile operators and consumers alike are looking forward to new capabilities, including higher speed mobile broadband; lower latency and reliable connectivity; and large numbers of connected devices with low battery consumption.

Vocus recognises its top channel partners for 2020

​Vocus​ has named this year’s top-performing channel partners in Australia, with GenNet, Ever Nimble, and Open Systems Technology making the list. Vocus’ channel partner program​ has been revitalised in the last year, with strong onboarding and enablement programs designed to help partners hit the ground running and allowing them to focus on providing great value for customers.

Bringing together strategic partners for better customer outcomes

​At Vocus, we value our strategic partnerships highly and know how important they are to achieving exceptional client outcomes. We want all of our partners to feel like they’re working in a true collaboration, so we work hard to make sure we never lose that genuine community feeling with our team and our community of partners.

Putting confidence, innovation and partnership centre stage

We live in a business world where we want to put our expertise on stage for all to see and appreciate, but what we need to do far more often, is put our bravery on stage. We need to lead with courage in order to innovate and move at pace to succeed in today’s disrupted business world.