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Hitachi Vantara

Your data is the key to new revenue, better customer experiences and lower costs. With technology and expertise, Hitachi Vantara drives data to meaningful outcomes.

Delivering ‘Meet in the Channel’ for Partner Success

As companies assemble, maintain and modernise their IT environments to achieve particular outcomes, often the sweet spot is not going to be the full stack from one particular vendor. They look to you, their technology partners and advisors, to help them build a best of breed, integrated ecosystem, bringing the best vendors together. They need you to manage the procurement, delivery, vendor relationships, installation, optimisation and even the day-to-day operations.

ANZ Business Continuity Forecast for 2021

Better Business Continuity is a top priority for companies of all sizes in 2021. The Channel will be called upon to help clients face the future with confidence. According to Hitachi Vantara, for that kind of resiliency you need to ensure continuous operations with triple redundancy, held to the strictest of service levels.

Data. It makes me wonder: Are you building a Stairway to Value?

Hitachi Vantara has developed the Data Stairway to Value to illustrate how to help organisations harness their information and industry knowledge (yours and theirs) to deliver context and insights as they strive to find value in their ever-flowing flood of data.

Data analytics capabilities must be built on a firm and flexible foundation

​Yesterday’s disruptors are today’s digital business operations. IoT, machine learning, robotics, AI, everything as a service … customers are busy trying to make the best use of these technologies, embedding them into their business operations and striving to achieve results. It’s early days for many – a process of maturity – but one thing is for sure: your customers are overburdened with data.

Digital transformation takes an ecosystem

​Any organisation looking to digitally transform their business may well visit technology vendor after technology vendor to piece together the modernisation of their infrastructure, the digitisation of their processes and so on. There is a better way, and that is through a channel in which effective partner ecosystems are in play.