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How a new generation of servers is driving sustainability and innovation

Australian and New Zealand businesses are feeling growing pressure to act on climate change from all angles. However, despite data centres and transmission networks being responsible for nearly 1 per cent of energy-related greenhouse gas emissions, a new Deloitte study reports little over half (54 per cent) of businesses have converted to energy-efficient technologies.

Dell EMC PowerStore 500: Enterprise-level performance at entry-level pricing

IT departments are under increasing pressure to deliver greater levels of simplicity and agility on the business side. Enterprise-grade, on-premises storage must now provide the same operational flexibility as Cloud, becoming ever more adaptable, automated and easier to integrate with existing management frameworks.

Executive Viewpoint: Innovating Towards Long-Term Remote Work Success

While organisations have scrambled to meet the immediate needs for remote work in the wake of the recent pandemic, moving forward businesses will need to strategically shift or pivot to a “new normal.” TDL highlights that whilst having the backing by a global organisation is key, the ability to duck and weave with changing market conditions and most importantly customer’s needs, is the recipe for ensuring long-term success.