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A marriage made in heaven

When it comes to network attached storage (NAS), your customers will benefit from a solution that is not only expandable, but also highly featured and capable of meeting needs for current and future applications. Synology designs its NAS boxes with these traits in mind, and the newly released DiskStation DS1815+ model marries high-capability hardware with an operating system (DSM) that is widely regarded as one of the most innovative in the NAS business.


What can your customers expect from the DS1815+ NAS server?

For starters, it’s a NAS server that is based on a quad-core Intel CPU that has the ability to accelerate data encryption thanks to its support for AES-NI instructions. Memory capacity is 2GB (expandable to 6GB), and solid state drive (SSD) caching can be implemented to further boost the performance of the system, with the operating system (DSM 5.1) now offering real-time hit statistics so your customers can identify how well this cache is being used.

Then there’s the connectivity, which on this unit is four Gigabit Ethernet ports at the rear. These ports can be used to boost the speed of data transfers for ultimate performance that can top 450 megabytes per second (MBps) when reading data and 429MBps when writing it. They can also be used to create redundant links in case of failure, and this is a key to facilitating a high uptime.

Memory capacity 2GB Expandable to 6GB
Four Gigabit Ethernet ports
450Mbps Read
429Mbps Write

Tailored To Your Needs

8 Drive Bays Up to 108TB

And then there’s the storage itself, which can be tailored to your customers’ requirements and upgraded in the future with a minimum of fuss. On the DS1815+ there are eight drive bays. Should your customers need more capacity, they can increase it by attaching two optional 5-bay DX513 expansion units.

We’re talking up to 108TB for the DS1815+. That’s some serious storage potential for small and medium businesses to harness, and, most importantly, it means your customers can grow their business with ease while using this hardware.

But what can be done with all this power and storage capability?

Tell your customers that it’s up to them. DiskStation Manager (DSM) is the software that runs on the DS1815+ and it has management, productivity, multimedia, and backup features that are built in, as well as available for installation via extra packages. In addition to being perfect for virtualisation (there is support for VMWare, Citrix, and Microsoft Hyper-V), data backups, traditional file serving and sharing, and even media applications, it can be used for video surveillance, database apps, Web serving, email hosting, and a whole lot more.

Versatility is the essence of this product, and it’s an ideal unit for those customers who have multiple storage needs for the tasks we’ve noted, yet don’t want to outlay too much cash to fulfill those needs. The DS1815+ can be their file server, it can be the storage for all their virtual servers, and apart from that, it can open up a whole new world of data management and data access due to its rich software environment. It’s an especially pertinent product for customers who haven’t yet moved on from using old PC boxes as their file servers.

DSM Is The Difference Maker

DSM is up to version 5.1 now, and the key improvements that have been made in this version revolve around the increasing use of the Cloud, better ways to share data, as well as enhanced security for data that is stored on the NAS. Security updates are automatic, the NAS’s framework is safeguarded by a system analysis that can detect potential threats, and the Security Advisor feature double- checks all settings to ensure that the system’s protection is always optimised.

Cloud functions on offer allow your customers to create their own private cloud, so that they can then access all of their data remotely from any Internet-connected device, be it a desktop PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet device using Android or iOS.

Furthermore, the integration of public Cloud services allows your customers to use the DiskStation with the platform that already works for them (be it Dropbox, Google Drive or OneDrive, among others), and they can have peace of mind that their data is being synched to the DiskStation as a backup. It’s a NAS box that can make public Cloud data a little more safe in terms of its availability.


Bottom Line

Tell your customers to ditch their old PC servers. Synology’s new cost-effective NAS server will give them a much wider scope for using their storage to facilitate file sharing, security, virtualisation, and much more, all within the confines of a single multipurpose box that has quick hardware and one of the richest software environments in the category. It’s a server that can be tailored for the present, and expanded in the future.

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