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Increase your revenue streams with Fortinet’s Secure Wi-Fi

Your future as a Secure Wi-Fi managed service provider

Your clients want Secure Wi-Fi. They want fast, trouble-free operations. But they don’t have the resources (or inclination) to get up-to-speed with all the latest nor do they want to keep their secure Wi-Fi up-to-date. They just want fast, easy-to-manage secure wireless LAN access. At a price they can afford.

So give it to them. You can set yourself up as a Secure Wi-Fi Managed Service Provider (MSP) with surprisingly little investment on your part. If you already sell Fortinet equipment, have the skill-set in-place to be a Secure Wi-Fi MSP.

The key is Fortinet’s new FortiAP-S series of cloud-based access points. You simply connect the FortiAP-S up to your client’s LAN via the RJ45 port (it is PoE) and log onto FortiCloud to configure and control. All of Fortinet’s legendary cybersecurity technology sits on the AP, creating a secure barrier between the traffic coming into and going out of the AP and their network. You manage it, they get the benefits.

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