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Welcome to CompTIA, The IT Industry Trade Association.

Growing IT Businesses and Careers

CompTIA is an established not-for-profit trade association with over 30 years’ experience and more than 60,000 member companies, partners and registered users. Focused on improving the channel as an industry, CompTIA’s sole purpose is to accomplish that through engagement at all three tiers: vendor, distributor and reseller.

Channel Dynamics Director and CompTIA ANZ Channel Community Director, Moheb Moses,recently discussed how the organisation fills a void in the industry by offering a truly vendor-neutral forum for the channel to come together, learn, network and engage on a level playing field.

“If you think about the way the channel gets educated, the majority of it comes from vendors and vendor funding, because of that there is always a vendor-bent to the training,” Moses said.

“That’s important, you need to do vendor training of course, but there isn’t a vendor-neutral forum to discuss the impact of things that are affecting the industry.”

CompTIA members have access to industry-leading IT certifications and business credentials, education, resources and the ability to connect with like-minded, leading IT industry experts. If you’re a solution provider, vendor, distributor, or channel consultant you need to get to know CompTIA.

The organisation is committed to improving the channel, and as such has appointed three channel luminaries to its executive council to drive engagement with the community.

HubOne Managing Director Nick Beaugeard will serve as the organisation’s new chair, while Kaseya Asia-Pacific and Japan Sales Director Kellie Hackney will sit alongside him as vice-chair. Channel Dynamics Director, Moheb Moses will serve as the organisation’s channel community director.

The real value for the IT industry comes from the unique offerings CompTIA can provide to members for little to no cost. Another benefit Moses explained: it is possible to become a Registered User for no fee and gain access to many of the research reports and events CompTIA offers. And for just $US250, you can sign up for, Premier Member status, which grants unlimited access to everything the organisation has to offer.

Research and Tools

Every year, CompTIA produces a steady stream of IT research and market intelligence studies that provide members with timely, relevant data and assessments. Those resources provide a ‘toolbox’ for members that offers presentations, guides and templates for use in their day-to-day operations. CompTIA members can download these tools directly from the website for immediate use. The most downloaded resources provide valuable information on Cloud computing, IT certifications and training, security trends, disaster recovery, employee onboarding, managed services, enterprise mobility, the IT skills gap and marketing strategies, just to name a few.These can be put into action in business and marketing plans and education and sales strategies that will add immediate value to the business.

Smaller channel players are often denied access to these sorts of insights due to the prohibitive costs involved in acquiring reports from organisations such as Gartner and IDC. CompTIA’s information technology research team collects data from tens of thousands of end-users and technology companies on a wide range of issues covering technology trends, channel dynamics and the IT workforce. This research supports information technology education and IT channel training, and forecasts new industry opportunities and growth areas.

CompTIA is in fact two businesses, one based around certifications, and the other around membership business. The not-for-profit is the largest independent certifications organisation in the world. In fact, the body is second only to Microsoft in terms of total certifications awarded in the IT space.

Moses further explained how the CompTIA certifications business generates around $US50 million per year globally, and how all profits are put back into the organisation to benefit members.“That is why there are no fees to become a registered user and thus get access to a lot of the education, a lot of the research and certifications,” he said.

Check out CompTIA’s extensive collection of resources for yourself.

Registered Users can access select content free of charge while Premier Members have unlimited access to all content.


CompTIA also goes to great lengths to support the various demographics that make up the channel through the efforts ofits communities, helping each contribute fully to the goal of advancing the IT industry. These communities are, in effect, information-technology forums filled with experts from a range of different IT industries and include thought leaders, consultants, and IT vendors and service providers.

One of the most compelling aspects of the communities are their capacity to bring peers together. The ANZ Channel Community is dedicated to Australia and New Zealand based resellers, solution providers, distributors, vendors and channel associates. In uniting these groups, the community provides a deeper understanding of how CompTIA can best serve the ANZ channel and its members. As part of a nonprofit, vendor-neutral industry association, this community offers a unique space within the industry where all can participate for the purpose of improving and shaping the future of the IT industry.

Joining the ANZ Channel Community is a great way to connect with peers, get your finger on the pulse of the industry and be at the leading edge. Learn more at the community website.


In a world of virtual connections and accelerated learning there’s always room for good old-fashioned face-to-face networking and hands-on training. These sort of events are regularly attended by vendors or third parties—however,they are often reserved for a vendor’s top-tier partners.

Moses said this oftens means smaller organisations within the channel are forgotten about or shut out because they do not meet the partner status requirements many vendors impose on these events. In the case of third party events, these same partners are not able to provide the funds necessary to attend, and so they miss out.

“All of the events that are available to channel partners have some sort of bias toward the organisation sponsoring the event,” he said.

“Even if the event is put on by a third party, there will always be some bias toward the organisation sponsoring the event.”

CompTIA understands that events such as this can be of immeasurable benefit and is committed to making these opportunities available to all channel partners, not just those on the top of a vendor’s revenue list. As such, many of the events hosted by CompTIA are open to all members of the organisation, whether they’re premium members or registered users.

The sole purpose of CompTIA events and meetings is to bring the information technology community together. Two key aspects to ensuring this positive change are collaboration and learning. ChannelCon, the Annual Member Meeting in the United States and the EMEA Member and Partner Conference are all examples of how CompTIA adds value to channel partners on a grand scale, and the not-for-profit aims to do the same in the market. At CompTIA everybody has a chance to contribute their own ideas and visions for the future of IT.

Upcoming Events:

Becoming a member

HubOne Managing Director and CompTIA Chairman, Nick Beaugeard has put out a call to all organisations in the channel to get involved in a community that was not open until now.

“Traditionally, the IT industry has been weak on professional organisations—in my view globally, not just here in Australia,” he said.

“I have been watching CompTIA from a training point of view and an association point of view in the UK, Canada and the US. Seeing the power of what the organisation has done globally, and using the power of getting a group of industry players together in a non-competitive forum, gives huge opportunity to do great things in the industry.

“There is a really compelling business case to get involved. There is a lot of content collateral, media and information that CompTIA has built and made available to members. For a very cost-effective membership price, you get access to information, training and certifications that enable members to establish themselves as credible in the industry.”

Beaugeard explained that for partners, there is incredible value in the independent certification as it helps differentiate a partner’s business from competitors.

“From a distributor and a vendor standpoint,there is that value as well, but there is also the opportunity to engage with partners in a non-vendor specific forum. Having that agnostic forum to discuss issues unique to IT is invaluable to vendors and distributors as well,” Beaugeardsaid.

"By becoming a CompTIA member, you join the likes of Forgerock ANZ and ASEAN Regional Vice-president, John Donovan; Nextgen Distribution Managing Director, John Walters; Insentra Managing Director, Ronnie Altit; Distribution Central Managing Director, Nick Verykios; and Head of Staples Technology Solutions Karl Sice, just to name just a few."

Membership will open a world of possibilities for business growth, networking, training and certification.Best of all, CompTIA offers two ways to access content, depending on your resources. Registered Users can access select content free of charge, while Premier Members have unlimited access to all content.

Join now and become part of the next big movement in the channel.

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