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Empowering Global Enterprise Workspaces with TeamViewer Tensor

Empowering Global Enterprise Workspaces with TeamViewer Tensor

These are exciting, yet challenging times for enterprises everywhere.

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Technology is continuously evolving, with macro trends like digital transformation, artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), Internet of Things (IoT), and the latest cloud-based solutions. The amount and pace of change can seem daunting. And, IT managers continue to face remote work requirements and bring your own devices (BYOD) issues.

As internet-enabled devices have proliferated virtually everywhere, there’s no stopping the digital revolution. To understand why and how IT departments should approach this new era, let’s start from the point of view of the users themselves.

Flexible remote work, dispersed teams, BYOD

From avoiding long commutes to increasing productivity and living more balanced lives, remote work is a win-win for employees and businesses. Companies that want to attract and retain top talent — or expand the talent pool —are now embracing alternative working arrangements. Further, employees don’t just want to decide when and where to work; they also want to choose what devices to use for work — as they feel more connected and productive doing so.

This means that BYOD is here to stay, and IT must adapt. The convergence of these factors means that enterprises urgently need solutions to support their mobile and dispersed teams — as well as manage, support, and secure all employee-owned devices.

While the advantages are clear, location-independent work does have a few challenges of its own. If watercooler talk and in-person meetings are replaced by inconsistent or inefficient online tools, communication and productivity could suffer. In addition, employees experiencing tech issues across the country or on the other side of the globe might not always get the timely tech support they need.

Digital transformation: AR and IoT

Enterprises are also trying to evaluate how the most talked-about technologies of today, like AR and IoT, can actually help them solve some of the complexities of running large, transnational businesses. From large retail chains looking to maintain their point of sale (POS) systems, to transportation authorities wanting to manage thousands of digital displays, to cable operators aiming to ensure quality field work, there are countless use cases requiring enterprise-grade remote connectivity.

Augmented reality-based support apps can be used by field technicians and on-site staff, for instance, to solve equipment malfunctions with guidance from remote experts; train employees; and conduct quality assurance checks and inspections. IoT sensors and systems can be incorporated in manufacturing, logistics, utilities, and infrastructure machinery to monitor, manage, and optimize processes in real time.

Leading solutions can do it all

Large global organizations that want to make the most of digital transformation and help people collaborate better across boundaries look for a platform that enables everything employees need, including remote work, help desk, IT administration, and collaboration, plus seamless integration with IoT and AR solutions. And, the very best solutions keep simplicity front and center. Today, more than ever, the platform you choose must be intuitive and reliable, or you can bet that employees will find workarounds.

One integrated platform for remote work, remote support, collaboration, and beyond…

TeamViewer Tensor is the remote support, access, and collaboration solution built to meet the complex needs of the 21st century enterprise. With an easy-to-use, intuitive interface available in more than 30 languages, TeamViewer Tensor helps keep global employees productive and engaged. The high-performance, reliable TeamViewer global access network that connects over two billion devices empowers people to work efficiently from anywhere, even in low bandwidth environments. Unlike with VPN, extensive configurations are not required. In fact, IT can mass-deploy Tensor globally on all corporate devices quickly and efficiently from a centralized location. TeamViewer Tensor is also platform-agnostic, so employees can access network resources and receive remote support, on virtually any device – including mobile.

TeamViewer Tensor also provides integration with TeamViewer Pilot for augmented reality-powered remote support, as well as TeamViewer IoT – a comprehensive solution to remotely manage, monitor, and operate IoT devices and machines.

TeamViewer Tensor puts security first

TeamViewer Tensor remote sessions are secured by end-to-end 256-bit encryption, powered by ISO 9001 certified data centers. HIPAA and GDPR compliant, TeamViewer Tensor gives employees and IT peace of mind that remote work and remote support sessions — even when using public Wi-Fi — are protected. Additionally, TeamViewer Tensor provides conditional access so administrators can define which devices each employee or team has access to. For another layer of security and user-friendliness, TeamViewer Tensor also integrates with all major single sign-on identity providers.

Simply put, TeamViewer Tensor is built for modern enterprises that want to embrace digital transformation, maintain agility, and empower their workforce with secure global workspaces that transcend borders.

Learn more about how TeamViewer Tensor empowers enterprise global workspaces.

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