World Business Forum Sydney 2020


Date: 10th November 2020  — 11th November 2020

Organised and powered by WOBI each year in cities across the globe, the World Business Forum is a two-day event that brings together thousands of senior-level decision makers from across all industries to learn from and be inspired by some the world’s most renowned business figures.

Learn and be inspired by some of the most influential figures in the business world and beyond; A blend of content delivered by CEOs, entrepreneurs, innovators, thought leaders and creative minds.

Offering a unique blend of ideas and inspiration, the World Business Forum focuses on the issues most relevant to today’s businesspeople, stimulating new thinking and motivating action, whilst also offering a great opportunity for high-level networking.

As we navigate one of the most profound disruptions in human history, we are entering what will be an extraordinary era of unprecedented transformation.

Existing companies will revolutionise, and new ones will be born. Industries will be reshaped, and new products and services emerge.

It is a time for courage, for creativity, for action.
A time that will define your leadership.
A time for REMAKERS.

New problems cannot be solved with old ways of thinking. We are called on to challenge our conventions, while promoting the insight and ingenuity of people across our organisations.

Sharing, collaboration and human relationships have taken on a newfound importance. Personal engagement with colleagues, partners and providers is critical. What needs to be done now, cannot be done alone.

We are experiencing change at a remarkable scale. We require the skills to adapt to this new environment and an orientation to action as we drive innovation of business models, products and processes.

Welcome to the era of REMAKERS.

This year’s speakers and topics:
• Simon Sinek
Leading authority on Organisational Performance

• Michael Phelps
Most successful Olympian of all time

• Ann Handley
Leading authority on digital and content marketing

• Guy Kawasaki
Silicon Valley icon and former Chief Evangelist at Apple

• Martin Lindstrom
Pioneer in brand and culture transformation

• Tasha Eurich
Organisational psychologist, researcher, and best-selling author
Change management

• Tal Ben-Shahar
Global thought leader on positive psychology and leadership

• Geoff Martin
Expert in managerial decision making and cognition

• Zoe Chance
Persuasion expert and Professor at the Yale School of Management
Decision Making


ICC Sydney, Darling Harbour Theatre
14 Darling Drive, Pyrmont, NSW, 2000