Integration and Services: Interviews

  • Polycom CEO Robert Hagerty talks telepresence

    Videoconferencing is available for desktops and even through specially designed rooms called telepresence systems, but on wireless handhelds? According to Robert Hagerty, who has been CEO of Polycom for 10 years, it could be widely available soon.

  • Inside the new Big Blue: A Q&A with IBM's CIO

    Mark Hennessy speaks candidly on transforming the IT organization at IBM, fostering a culture of innovation, managing IT during the financial crisis, maximizing the value of social networking tools, and taking advantage of an imminent technological game-changer.

  • Q&A: Nicholas Carr on 'the big switch' to cloud computing

    During his keynote speech at the Society for Information Management's SIMposium 08 conference in the US, author Nicholas Carr drew an analogy between cloud computing and the transition that manufacturers made from generating their own power to relying on utilities in the early 20th century.

  • Best in class

    What are the differences and similarities between the role of a CIO within a large corporate and a state education department?

  • IBM software chief talks automation

    Stronger data center management and automation technologies are on tap from IBM's software group, which is headed by Senior Vice President and group executive Steve Mills. Last week at IBM's Pulse conference, Mills sat down with Denise Dubie to discuss IBM's software strategy and his views on other hot network topics. Here is an excerpt of the interview.

  • Doing it yourself

    Antec senior vice-president, Scott Richards, was in Australia recently to launch the vendor's new range of enthusiast computing products. He spoke to ARN about trends in the computing marketplace and the importance for systems integrators to differentiate themselves from the 'big guys'.

  • Days of wine and remote management

    Directorships and viticulture have nothing on good, old-fashioned customer service. Georgina Swan caught up with Harbour IT directors Craig Bishop and Charles Tym.