Integration and Services: News

  • Metiom files for bankruptcy protection

    US-based eProcurement software vendor Metiom (formerly Intelisys electronic commerce) has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection after running out of cash, leaving some uncertainty over the future of its large investment in its Australian subsidiary.

  • Wholesale ASP adds partner

    Wholesale application service provider (ASP) Cavillon Systems has signed a new reseller that will also add value to the range of applications and services Cavillon offers.

  • Telstra ADSL crash

    Widespread problems with Telstra's ADSL (asymmetric digital subscriber line) network recently disrupted the service over a 15-hour period.

  • UDDI directory ready for launch

    A Web-based directory for businesses that has earned the blessing of industry heavyweights is set to launch by next month, opening new ways for businesses to find partners and complete transactions together online.

  • Ariba posts $1.84 billion Q2 loss

    B2B e-commerce software developer Ariba reported a massive $US1.84 billion net loss ($7.60 per share) for its fiscal quarter ending March 31, despite new customer sales doubling.

  • B2B players retrench and refocus

    Bad financial news from leading B2B vendors has served as an industry wake-up call, signalling a sharp shift toward private business-to-business market places and tentative corporate spending on IT.

  • Multi-tiered ASP supply chains

    UK-based software vendor Virtual Supply Chain is using an unusual model for attacking the Australian market, whereby traditional logistics firms in vertical industries partner systems integrators and act as ASPs to other companies in their vertical.

  • Web integrator falls

    After staying mum on its future for the past week, Internet consulting firm MarchFirst has announced it will lay off 30 per cent of its workforce, or 1700 employees, sell many of its assets to Internet holding company Divine, and close its Australian operations in an effort to pay off a $US53 million loan.

  • Gartner writes off ASPs

    Gartner analyst Rolf Jester has released his predictions for the ASP market in coming years, suggesting only 30 of the 81 ASPs Gartner currently recognises on the Australian market will survive by the end of 2002.

  • OASIS cleans up ebXML with SOAP

    After more than a year's work on a common framework for global electronic business, sponsors of ebXML (electronic business extensible markup language) have submitted the specification to the initiative's quality review process.

  • Smartbuy heeds call

    e-commerce developer Smartbuy has signed a 12-month agreement with service provider Call Centre Services to provide customer service to Smartbuy customers.

  • Bullant gets tasty morsel

    Internet software company Bullant has announced the closure of its major international funding foray, scoring $US23 million from a consortium led by JP Morgan.

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