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  • Melbourne IT adds character to the Web

    Melbourne IT's share price jumped 45 cents within hours of the announcement that its domain name registration business, Internet Names WorldWide, has licensed the rights to provide Chinese character-based domain names.

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    Digital signatures on the way, according to ATO, Expansion into NZ through music for ehyou, Retailing alliance

  • US Signature Bill validates e-commerce transactions

    Industry observers are still trying to assess the impact on e-commerce of the new digital signatures law in the US. In recent discussions, California Attorney General Bill Lockyer joined with several heads of high tech companies to assess the impact of the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, or E-Sign.

  • Cash problems for German Net firms

    One in seven German Internet companies risks running out of money within the next 24 months, according to a new study by the research and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers.

  • IBM says there is room for everyone

    The application service provider (ASP) phenomenon leaves plenty of room in the channel for both traditional resellers and new players, according to IBM's local director of commercial business, Stephanie Carullo.

  • Wireless Internet gathers speed

    Wireless Internet access is hot, but up till now the services have been too slow for anything beyond text messages and e-mail. Metricom aims to change that with its next-generation, 128Kbps Ricochet wireless service, which is slated to launch in Atlanta and San Diego at the end of July.

  • Local online buying tipped to grow

    While Australian companies lead the Asia-Pacific in online purchasing, the value and frequency of transactions showed an infancy in Internet adoption in the region, an IDC report has suggested.

  • Giant portal opens for business

    A superportal of 14 of Australia's biggest enterprises was announced today, but officials say the venture will account for little more than 1 per cent of the nation's industrial expenditure.

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    Sausage consults Oracle, denies pending alliance; heads for landslide; Local team triumphs at IT Olympics.

  • David Jones squeezes TheSpot

    After a week of silence over reports that David Jones would rescue floundering e-tailer TheSpot, the department store confirmed yesterday it has taken over the dot-com to bolster its own e-commerce business.

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    Volante Online exceeds expectations with SMEs; Melbourne IT still has naming rights; Web inventor: Let it be free, says Berners-Lee; Love Bug becomes cash cow for major antivirus vendors

  • Same old stuff won't work on Web

    No longer thrilled by the novelty of the experience, today's e-commerce customers can't be fobbed off with any old rubbish, according to Keng Lim, president and chief executive officer of e-commerce service provider Escalate.

  • WebCentral on its own

    After 18 months of OzEmail control, local Internet hosting company WebCentral has completed a triumphant management buyback and the company is now set to expand its SME offerings into the high-end corporate market.

  • Melbourne IT plays domain name game again

    The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has granted Melbourne IT a five-year renewal of its Accreditation Agreement, allowing the company to continue registering the top-level '.com', '.net' and '.org' domains.

  • Progress moves up the service provider way

    Progress Software is one of a growing number of organisations in the industry that strongly believes the application service provider (ASP) model deserves a thumbs up, and is the right way to progress for business applications.