Integration and Services: Opinions

  • John Reed: Invest in your IT talent; it's the key to retention

    Businesses that cut training and development during the recession will be challenged to recruit IT professionals to help them grow as the economy improves. Robert Half Technology's John Reed offers tips for stepping up professional development efforts for IT staffers.

  • Four databases for iOS: Two good, two meh

    I'm trying to automate my beloved's business and, to this end, I need to create a system to generate receipts and trap client data. What I want to give her is a forms-based application that can run on an iPhone and or an iPad without being connected to the Internet.

  • What’s the No. 1 enemy of outsourcing?

    As the economy worsens, the prospects for outsourcing and offshoring improve. Throughout 2008, the key word for the economy was “uncertainty”. While facing uncertainty, CIOs avoided signifi cant changes to internal organisations or operations including evaluating or implementing outsourcing. Most outsourcing initiatives are driven by a strong need for change and “economic uncertainty” hindered that need.

  • Satyam fraud has ramifications for outsourcers

    The financial fraud perpetrated by Satyam Computer Services executives could trigger near-term disruptions across the outsourcing and IT industries. Ramalinga Raju, the company's founder and chairman, resigned last week. He has admitted to inflating Satyam's cash balances and the credit amounts it was owed while understating its liabilities. This scandal has many ramifications for Satyam's customers as well as those of other outsourcing companies.

  • Top 10 qualities of a great IT shop

    No two IT shops conduct business in the same way: CIOs report to various executives, project approval processes are all over the board, and personnel policies are vastly different. Unlike other professions, IT doesn't seem to have a common set of basic principles across companies.

  • Recruitment in a tight market

    During the last calendar quarter, I wrote an article for ARN (July 16, 2008) regarding recruiting staff from partners, alternative solutions and asked what retention plans need to be in place in order to maintain your employees. Now as we come to year-end and in the current economic climate, it feels like everything has changed – or has it?

  • Editorial: A time to shine

    Open up any newspaper, online media site or industry report and you’ll hear about the effects of the economic downturn. Last week, the <i>Australian Financial Review</i> published a report on the looming recession, pointing out Australia’s gross domestic product grew by just 0.1 per cent in the third quarter of the year. The report also found the market had begun losing momentum before the global stock markets went into freefall.

  • Cloud computing. More than blue sky thinking

    Looming on the horizon are the nimbus, cirrus, stratus and cumulus that threaten to deliver us cloud computing imminently. Promising an end to most of the challenges and frustrations of IT systems as we know them, the concept of cloud computing is thundering through the business community to become one of the most talked about and revered subjects of the day.

  • The latest instalment

    The latest instalment of the Commander saga hit the ARN newsdesk last week and raised more questions than it provided answers. The company’s receivers, McGrathNicol, announced the sale of the embattled integrator’s telecommunications assets, including its national franchise network, to a newly created private equity firm, Commander Telecom Group.

  • Accelerating a trend

    As Optima’s administrators recommend the company be liquidated, I can’t help but think that repercussions for the local whitebox industry are going to be much deeper than I first feared. The reason why, in a word, is warranties.

  • Apple, Amazon cloud snafus leave Microsoft sitting pretty

    Pity the poor road warrior who tried to find his data on The Linkup, only to get this message when he logged in: "Unfortunately The Linkup service is no longer available. Please visit for your storage needs." What's worse, the sales guy was on an extended trip through North and South America. That's a real story, told by one Jacob Sherman, "I just want my data," he said.

  • Another one bites the dust

    About a month ago, I used this column to warn of difficult times ahead and suggested that companies already under pressure would find the going particularly tough.

Bringing Comprehensive Security To Modern Enterprise Environments

With 2020 proving to be such a disrupted year, organisations have been scrambling to keep up with the rate of technology change that has been impressed on them through the market conditions. For just one common example, organisations have been forced to rapidly transform their environments to enable remote working. For many organisations this has been the first time they have allowed for remote working among employees and to do that, CIOs have needed to open the network up to outside access, and elevate the use of cloud services.. Read more