Integration and Services: Round Table

Round Table
  • IN PICTURES: ARN Roundtable - Big Data, Big Opportunities (+21 images)

    The latest ARN Roundtable was held at Sydney's Cafe Del Mar, and was sponsored by Cloudera and Veritas. The guestlist saw a VIP group of IT channel executives discussing the role of the channel in pushing Big Data adoption, and the trends emerging in the Australian market. Photographs by Ian Sharp.

  • Cloud Computing: Outsourcing 2.0?

    Cloud computing is being touted as a completely new way of delivering technology, yet many of the solutions on offer sound surprisingly similar to traditional outsourcing. So what is the difference between the two?

  • Business transformation

    Managed services providers (MSPs) attending ARN’s recent roundtable claimed a proactive approach around delivering technology could be a business enabler for end users. It also allowed the service provider to move up and talk to higher levels of management, which brought about a better understanding of the business requirements and demands.

  • The sweet spot

    SMBs have always been thought of as the sweet spot for managed services providers, but many are also experiencing strong take-up in the mid-tier through to enterprise space.

  • Standardisation

    While managed services providers at our roundtable have strong branding and value-based offerings, customers are often confused about what managed services entails, or who to trust. So how do you ensure prospective customers can tell a true and adequate managed services offering, from a rebadge break/fix service?

  • Feature: Managed services matters

    It may be the silver lining in an otherwise stormy economy, but that doesn’t mean the managed services game is not without its challenges. TREVOR CLARKE reports.

  • Case study: Getting a grip

    Managing IT systems and staff is a massive trial for any business, but when you’re experiencing growth through expansion and acquisition it’s even more challenging. Taking a managed services approach allowed one organisation get a grip on its infrastructure, as MATTHEW SAINSBURY found out.

  • The managed services evolution

    The tougher economic climate and the need for better costs management is just one of many factors driving managed services take-up. ARN recently pulled together a group of managed services providers and their vendors to talk about why this proactive sales approach is so successful.

Bringing together strategic partners for better customer outcomes

​At Vocus, we value our strategic partnerships highly and know how important they are to achieving exceptional client outcomes. We want all of our partners to feel like they’re working in a true collaboration, so we work hard to make sure we never lose that genuine community feeling with our team and our community of partners.. Read more