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Case studies
  • Drop the chamois cloth - nanotechnology could mean self-cleaning cars

    Not many people would confuse the sporty Nissan Versa Note with a commercial cement truck, but the two vehicles could have something in common one day: Special nano-coating that prevents water, dirt, fine oils, and even wet concrete from sticking to the car's surface. This new self-cleaning superhydrophobic technology may not entirely eliminate trips to the car wash, but it could mean that you'll go a year between visits.

L-R: Kevin Koelmeyer (The Sommerville Group), Eleanor Dickinson (ARN), Ben Jones (Jumpstart Security), Riccardo Galbiati (Palo Alto Networks), Chris Turton (Arrow ECS), Peter Stein (Datacom), Kirk Jones (Secure Agility), Simon Mckay (Infotrust), Chris Starsmeare (Diversus Group) and Dmitry Butko (Outcomex)

How ready is the Aussie channel for Zero Trust?

This exclusive ARN Roundtable, in association with Arrow and Palo Alto Networks, assessed the understanding and application of Zero Trust practices among Australian customers, while examining how the channel can play a pivotal role in helping businesses adopt a strategic approach to security architecture.. Read more