Google Chrome: the first true Web 2.0 browser

Computerworld takes an in-depth look at Google's new browser.

  • Google's Chrome Web browser

  • Google Chrome's new tab screen shows thumbnails of the most visited sites for easy selection.

  • Here is a close up of browser tabs utilised in Google Chrome. It appears that Chrome will create thumbnails of "most visited" Web sites visited and display them within a tab for easy access.

  • Google has spent a lot of time tackling memory issues related to its Chrome browser. Here is a screenshot that shows the Google Chrome Task Manager where you can manage processes running inside the browser such Java applications. Shutdown a browser "task" and Google Chrome will perform better.

  • Bookmarking a website with Google Chrome appears to be identical to bookmarking a site with Firefox 3. Just click the star next the Web address and bingo it's saved. The real test will be how Google Chrome allows you to manage bookmarks.

  • Bookmarks along with other Chrome browser settings can be saved and retrieved in the Google cloud. This allows for anytime and anywhere access to your personal settings be it privacy, bookmarks, and history.

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