Nine wickedly helpful Web sites for Windows administrators

Windows Web sites worth a look

  • ShieldsUp! You need to know for sure if you are vulnerable or properly concealed from Internet threats. This site will let you test your network. (
  • Ports Database: If you need to figure out which of the 65,535 ports a particular service is using, here is the site for you. (
  • Vmyths: Before you panic over the latest Trojan or virus, make sure the threat is real. This site will tell you if you're dealing with a harmless hoax or myth. (
  • The Internet Storm Center: If you have ever wondered which ports are attacked most and what the threat level is for a particular day, check out the SANS Institute's Internet Storm Center.
  • Task List: If Task Manager has you scratching your head at all those running processes, use the Tasks List Web site to find out what those processes are and what they are doing. (
  • What do you think of our picks? Do you find them useful? What are your favorite Web sites for Windows admins? Post a comment and let us know.

  • FILExt: Has someone sent you a file you can't open? Find out where it came from with this cool Web site
  • Boot disks: Have a need for a boot disk to recover XP or that 8-year-old system your boss insists on keeping? This site can help you. (
  • Event ID: Need help finding answers to the warnings and errors listed in Event Viewer? Then check out
  • Blogger Ron Barrett has compiled a list of Windows Web sites guaranteed to save you hours of effort.

  • DNS Goodies: If you need to a resource for DNS lookups, open relay testing and all things DNS, take a look at DNS Goodies.
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