Virtual desktops

  • "The rubber still isn't hitting the road in terms of good case studies or compelling reasons why users are going to fall over themselves." - itX's Greg Newham

  • "The problem with virtual desktop is that it's rooted in the old world of the desktop. In the next 10 years that will change dramatically." - IBRS' Kevin McIsaac

  • "With virtual desktop you can take a bunch of applications and stick them in a virtual machine - it might not do everything you want but you can cerainly get something up and running very quikcly." Wyse's Ward Nash

  • "We spend a lot of time trying to explain to customers what virtual desktop means because there's still a lot of confusion." - Lucida's Craig Taylor

  • "Interoperability creates issues in some instances but that's where we as integrators can talk to clients about what they are and tailor products so we have a suite that works in any given client environment." - Datacom's Mark Mackaway

  • "Your biggest competitor is that people know they can get a new laptop; that's your grey market." - Regal IT's Mark Gluckman

  • "We need to be able to present to our customers but their users seem to be the other firewall so we have to help customers put propositions to their users." - ICE Systems' Gary Spooner

  • "One of the big opportunities for virtual desktop is to smash the standard operating environment management piece once and for all." - Citrix's Rob Willis

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