Forget the Grammy Awards: Behold the Tech Music Awards

Alicia Keys, Eddie Vedder, Radiohead, Google and Twitter songs grab honors

  • Most abused music technology: Microsoft Songsmith br> People have been kind to the Zune in comparison to their treatment of SongSmith, as they've flooded YouTube with awful covers of classic songs. Microsoft launched its GarageBand killer with an ad that's so bad it's good.

  • Cutest techie lyrics: "Ringy dingy ding ding ding ding..." br> Annie's "I know UR girlfriend hates me" not only has the text message-y title but she also slips into a bright yellow phone booth in the video and channels Lily Tomlin's old Ernestine the telephone switchboard operator character with her lyrics.

  • Humanitarian award: Radiohead br> Not that there aren't a zillion places to get free or cheap music online these days, but Radiohead set a standard by offering fans the opportunity to name their own price for its "In Rainbows" album. Others, including Nine Inch Nails, which PC World suggested might be considered the first open source band, gave away its "The slip" album, and Girl Talk, not as a big a name, did the name-your-own-price thing with its "Feed the Animals" remix/mashup out of label Illegal Arts.

  • Teenage rapper Teyana Taylor – part of an outfit dubbed Team Nerd -- made her debut in 2008 with this single, in which she sings: br> "Baby you can google me / You ain't even gotta ask nobody 'bout me / I'm certified on the internet, read about it / If you're looking for me, go and pull it up / 'cause I'm a celebrity, I know you done heard of me."

  • Trendiest techie song: "You're no one if you're not on Twitter (The Twitter Song)" br> UK-based musician Ben Walker kicks off the song with these lyrics: br> "You're no one if you're not on Twitter / And if you aren't there already you've missed it / If you haven't been bookmarked, retweeted and blogged / You might as well not have existed"

  • Hacker victim of the year: Alicia Keys br> A hacker got a hold of Keys' MySpace page and set up an image-based exploit code trap that would trick visitors into infecting their PCs with malware. Britney Spears and Michael Jackson also took their lumps, making the top 10 list of celebrities whose names show up in spam.

  • Spat of the year: AT&T vs. Eddie Vedder br> The Pearl Jam frontman got into it with AT&T, accusing the carrier of censoring some anti-George W. Bush lyrics Vedder slipped into songs during the Lollapalooza tour. Vedder claimed AT&T cut out the lyrics during its webcast of the performance, but AT&T said it was a simple editing mistake by a contractor, nothing intentional.

  • Game of the year: Harmonix's Rock Band 2 br> A review included: "Similar to music games like Guitar Hero, the Rock Band series includes a guitar controller, but then kicks it up a notch by adding drums and a microphone for lead vocals. You and three friends can play along with you in your band as you try to master more than 100 on-disc and downloadable tracks from some of the greatest bands in rock and roll history."

  • The 51st Grammy Awards show airs on Monday, but if watching Lil Wayne, Katy Perry and Coldplay perform isn't your thing, then perhaps the 2008/2009 Tech Music Awards might be. Here are the winners...

  • Networkiest video of the year: Weezer's "Pork and Beans" br> This viral video based on the theme of…viral videos is actually up for a real Grammy for Best Short Form Video. If you're one of the handful of people who hasn't seen it, the video leaves no viral video unturned, from the Mentos/Diet Coke guys to Dramatic Chipmunk and the Numa Numa guy.

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