In Pictures: Highlights from the 2009 Google Summer of Code

Debian, Joomla!, PHP, OpenSUSE, Gimp and more!

  • The architecture of the OpenPrinting web-service will be overhauled to alleviate resource consumption, OpenJDK will become LSB compliant, and setting-up an access point will become easier in Linux under some of the [[xref:|11 projects|The Linux Foundation projects]] run for the Linux Foundation.
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  • The Mozilla Project has [[xref:|10 initiatives|Mozilla Project initiatives]] for the program this year, including automated duplicate detection for Bugzilla; integration of pre-existing, third-party extensibility into Ubiquity; and improvements to the Register Allocator of Trace Monkey.

  • [[xref:|Nine projects|OpenSUSE projects]] will be sponsored by OpenSUSE including porting from openSUSE to ARM; an implementation of the YaST education module; synchronisation with mobile devices; and porting openSUSE to MIPS.

  • Drupal will receive a peer review platform for its forum, and API integration for Google Analytics under [[xref:|18 sponsored projects|Drupal projects]] for the Summer of Code this year. Others include: completion of version control integration and deployment to; a usability testing suite; and plans to 'make Drupal smart'.

  • KDE will sponsor [[xref:|38 projects|KDE projects]] including: improving search and virtual folders in KDE4; plasma media center components; a crossplatform authentication and authorisation framework; weather support and enhanced plugin features for Marble; and finishing the Amorok playlist with multilevel playlist sorting.

  • Integration with the Amazon EC2 cloud service; automatic debug package creation and handling; and rewriting the Debian autobuilding infrastructure are all part of Debian's [[xref:|11 projects|Debian projects]] accepted in this year's Google Summer of Code.

  • The Apache Software Foundation will sponsor [[xref:|38 projects|Apache Software Foundation projects]] including: adaptive query targeting in distributed database environment; a Java debugger command line tool; Web-based management console for ServiceMix; a new user interface for the Apache Qpid JMX management console; and empowering Google Android applications to easily consume business services.

  • An advanced GUI for brush dynamics and an improved nonlinear resampler with built-in antialiasing are some of the [[xref:|6 projects|GIMP projects]] sponsored by the GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP). Other initiatives include a "fast adaptive resampler tailored for transformations which mostly downsample", and some improvements to the foreground selection tool.

  • GIT will get [[xref:|2 projects|GIT projects]] this year, which will add caching support to git-daemon, and an interactive graph GUI.

  • The GNU Object Model Environment (GNOME) will sponsor [[xref:|25 projects|GNOME projects]] that will make conduits work as a daemon; integrate bugzilla into pulse; add support for Nautilus to Google docs; allow GNOME-Sudoku to be played with IM contacts; and improving the DVB experience with GNOME DVB daemon.

  • [[xref:|Eighteen projects|Joomla! projects]] are being sponsored by Joomla! in the program this year. Error handling will be improved; a common gateway will be added for Joomla to allow Elgg and Wordpress to connect; some enhanced frontend editing will be conducted and work will be done on native Joomla multisite support.

  • Some of the [[xref:|30 projects|Python projects]] on the cards for Python include analysis of code coverage and improvements to the core Python3k testing framework; a new keyring library; support for server-side history and roster versioning in Gajim; better C++ support for Cython; and maintenance for IDLE and Tkinter.

  • There are seven [[xref:|PHP projects|PHP projects]] in the Google Summer of Code this year, such as improvements to run-tests.php, Bug tracker and phD; and decision and path coverage to Xdebug code coverage instrumentation.

  • Ruby on Rails will sponsor [[xref:|four projects|Ruby on Rails projects]] including: ActiveModel;Dtrace plus graphs for Rack; extend Rails generators to provide a solid interface for ORM, Javascript and tests agnosticism; and integrate Active Relation.

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