9-year-old plots his fifth Microsoft certification

Born with a passion for computing, 9-year-old Marko Calasan hasn't wasted any time becoming a high-tech pro with four Microsoft IT certifications.

  • Meet Marko Calasan, a 9 year-old boy from Skopje, Macedonia who loves computers – especially those running Microsoft Windows operating systems. Calasan will celebrate his 10th birthday this July, holds four Microsoft IT certifications and has already decided the next certification he will add to his ever-growing resume.

  • While most kids sitting in front of a monitor are playing games or surfing social networks, Calasan is thinking of the possibilities for future development. "I am very interested in IT technologies because they enable making many things, starting from the usage of e-mail, sharing files and documents, to making robots that can go underground instead of miners," he says.

  • Calasan can't remember when he first started working on computers, but says he always had a feeling he could accomplish anything if he understood how to control computing systems. His parents took a photo of him at around 9 months old embracing a laptop, and Calasan says: "My first memory is from when I was approximately 3 years old."

  • With aspirations to train others in Microsoft's technologies, Calasan last February visited the vendor's facilities in Slovenia, where he presented to professionals there about Active Directory alongside Microsoft Slovenia's director. "That was the first presentation in my life!" Calasan recalls.

  • Calasan embraced the next version of Windows while celebrating his birthday. He says: "I plan to make books for Windows 7 (for beginners, midlevel users and advanced users). I also plan to get the certificate called MCT (Microsoft Certified Trainer)."

  • Even before the age of 10, Calasan realizes his love of technology will come at a price. He is often asked to troubleshoot PC performance problems for friends and family. "I always help them when there are problems with their computers and I help them with buying good products and software especially for their needs," he says.

  • While Calasan says he keeps his friends and family separate from his professional life, he also has a sense of humor about his love of technology. At his last birthday party, he had his face painted with the Microsoft Windows logo, while others his age chose less technical art.

  • To begin his work training others in Microsoft technology, Calasan completed an instructional video on YouTube dubbed "Bootable USB drive for installing Windows 7." He says he'd like to find a company to support his video lessons and help broaden his reach and enable him to share his knowledge with others.

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