In Pictures: Celebrities in tech ads

Megan Fox, Justin Timberlake, Tiger Woods, David Beckham and more, put their best tech foot forward

  • Let's start with Tiger, who was seen (in double) playing golf for Accenture.

  • Next up is Megan Fox, who shot to fame with Transformers, and then capitalised on her appeal with the nerds in collaboration with Motorola.

  • An ill-fated partnership with Microsoft, Jerry Seinfeld quickly found himself dropped by the Silicon Valley giant.

  • Who did Microsoft replace Sienfeld with as the celebrity "face" of the company? Latin princess and Desparate Housewife, Eva Longoria.

  • Ashton Kutcher is perhaps the most famous Twitter fan in the world. Other celebrities might tweet, but Kutcher engages in races with CNN to have the most followers... and wins.

  • Not to be outdone, Nintendo hires Beyonce to pimp the DS, and a music/ rhythm new release game. We expect she was quite good at that one.

  • Hire Intelligence takes a cheeky approach using Hugh Grant in their ad.

  • David Beckham sheads his gear for Motorola.

  • Sony is no slouch when it comes to celebrity endorsements either. Here, Justin Timberlake and Peyton Manning duke it out at table tennis.

  • Who can forget those witty Mac versus PC ads featuring American actor Justin Long (Dodgeball, He's Just Not That Into You, Herbie Fully Loaded) as Mac and the Daily Show's John Hodgman as PC.

  • And, of course, there's Pamela. Crazy Domains and her involvement in a rather interesting ad was the subject of some controversy earlier in the year.

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