Cisco and Express Data partners go wine tasting

A collection of Cisco and Express Data's second-tier partners got together for wine tasting and a three-course meal at Wolfies in Sydney this month for some social networking. Check out the highlights from the event.

  • Express Data's Mal Shaw (left) and Datacom's Mark McWilliams

  • Internode's Darryl Knight (left) and Express Data's David Peach

  • Express Data's Adam Phillips and Brennan IT's Chuong Mai-Viet

  • Express Data's Mark Dorevitch, ARN's Nadia Cameron, Anittel's Shane Springer

  • Express Data's David Peach, Cisco's Colin Bradley, Subnet's Daniel Marsh, Express Data's David Dietrich

  • From left: Datacom's Mark McWilliams, Express Data's James Mackay and Cisco's Derville Hannon

  • Cisco's David Hoban and Anittel's Shane Springer

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