In pictures: SMB virtualisation roundtable

ARN recently held a roundtable on selling virtualisation to SMBs. Attached are highlights from the recent event.

  • From left: Roy Pater Accucom | Claudio Antoniolo SystemCraft | Adam Nixon PC Nation | Jon McBride Dell | Paul Beale Purruna | Jamie Warner eNerds | Amir Antonir Spectrumtech | Mark Gluckman Regal Information Technology | Steve Gross VMware | Jean-Marc Annonier IDC | Nadia Cameron ARN | Jay Turner Dell | Robert Brown Total Computer Technology

  • "There is still a large percentage of SMBs with an internal IT person...A lot of education still needs to be done, because that's where you see virtualisation uptake at its lowest, or not being done at the core of the customer's systems." - Jean-Marc Annonier, IDC

  • “There are two distinct pitches [for virtualisation] – if it’s for 2-30 seats, you’re talking to the business owner, and the pitch is around business efficiency and improvement… In the larger organisations, you’re generally dealing with someone dedicated to the role, and it’s a totally different pitch.” - Adam Nixon, PC Nation

  • “The other tipping point is where you see a company that’s growing from an S to an M - that’s where it becomes really critical. They are on a rapid growth path, and they are suddenly realising trying to run it on a shoestring budget doesn’t cut it anymore.” - Roy Pater, Accucom

  • “It comes down to that refresh cycle that generates conversation. I can also then upsell virtualisation and show a customer the benefits of splitting a server. But if it’s a one-year-old server, I can have the conversation but I won’t get far because customers are not interested.” - Robert Brown, Total Computer Technology

  • "Virtualisation, when it's being sold, is not being sold by itself." - Jamie Warner, eNerds

  • “Why stop at server? Why create a front-end server solution that is highly flexible, available and scalable, then put in a static, monolithic piece of storage behind it – why bottleneck it like that?” - Jon McBride, Dell

  • "Virtualisation is a tool for us, it's not necessarily the selling point. If you're talking to the owner, you're talking about things related to risk." - Claudio Antoniolo, Systemcraft

  • "Mainly what we use virtualisation for is to push the DR side of things." - Paul Beale, Purruna

  • "From our experience, it's not necessarily that customers see virtualisation as the next big thing, it's just the ability to provide more services to an organisation solely dependent on a box, or piece of paper in the past." - Amir Antonir, Spectrumtech

  • "What we find is that the customers then start asking, or resellers start recommending, that they can get services that weren't available in the physical world." - Steven Gross, VMware

  • "Virtualisation is our term; it's not the customer's problem." - Mark Gluckmanm, Regal IT

  • "For a small business, isn't virtualisation just the ultimate first step to fully hosted relationships in future?" - Jay Turner, Dell

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