Beauty shots: Technology to drool over

Take a gander at some of the most gorgeous tech of the year from the 2010 Industrial Design Excellence Awards.

  • GlideTV Navigator Remote Control

    The US$99 wireless [[xref:|GlideTV Navigator|GlideTV Navigator]] fits in the palm of your hand. It's designed to provide keyboard, mouse, and remote control capabilities for controlling your home theater, media PC, gaming consoles, [[xref:|Hulu|Hulu]], and more--all in [[xref:|one small package|Glide TV Navigator]].
  • Best in Show: Sling Media's Slingbox 700U Set-Top Box

    Sling Media's small Slingbox 700U won one of three Best in Show awards given by the [[xref:|Industrial Designers Society of America|Industrial Designers Society of America]] (ISDA). The ISDA's 2010 International Design Excellence Awards attracted nearly 2000 entrants.

    Only available through TV service providers, the 700U is an IP-enabled, USB set-top box that enables users to watch HDTV content in real time on their laptops or PCs.

    (Most photos: Courtesy of the Industrial Designers Society of America)

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  • Dell Vostro 320 All-in-One PC

    Dell designed this graceful [[xref:|all-in-one PC|Dell Vostro]]--with its "picture-frame" stand and 19-inch widescreen flat-panel display--to appeal to the business market.

    Winner of a [[xref:|IDSA Bronze Award|IDSA Bronze Award]], the Vostro 320 price ranges in price from US$569 to $699, depending on the configuration. The optional desk clamp costs extra.
  • LaCie USB Flash Keys

    LaCie's inventive USB flash drives--from left to right, the [[xref:|WhizKey|WhizKey]], the [[xref:|iamaKey|iamaKey]], and the [[xref:|CooKey|CooKey]]--impressed the judges enough to win [[xref:|a Gold Award|LaCie IamaKey, CooKey and WhisKey USB flash drives]].

    These sturdy metal keys hold from 4GB to 32GB of data; their prices start at US$20.
  • Asus LS246 LCD Monitor

    This glamorous 24-inch frameless monitor, with its unusual ring support, was a finalist in the [[xref:|IDSA's Computer Tech|IDSA's Computer Tech]] category. The [[xref:,789030257-sortby,retailer/pricing.html|Asus LS246 LCD Monitor|Asus LS246 LCD Monitor]] costs about US$300.
  • Dell Adamo XPS Laptop

    Dell's ultrathin Adamo XPS laptop won a Silver Award from the IDSA for its sleek design.

    Last fall, PCWorld had an in-depth discussion with the [[xref:|Dell designer in charge of this project|Hands-On with Dell Adamo XPS--and Prototypes You’ll Never See]] about how the Adamo XPS was put together.
  • Samsung G Series Hard Disk Drives

    Samsung's [[xref:|G Series hard disk drives|G Series hard disk drives]], which range in size from 120GB to 250GB, have Lego-like knobby surfaces whose color is designed to change when light shines on them.

    The drives also have ecological appeal, as they are halogen-free inside and out. They won a [[xref:|Gold Award|Gold Award]] in the Computer Equipment Category.
  • Litl WebBook Internet Appliance

    The easy-to-use [[xref:|Litl WebBook|Litl WebBook]] (US$399), a [[xref:|finalist in the IDSA design awards|LiTL WebBook]], is billed as an Internet appliance that offers a heightened Web experience via its sprightly widgets.

    The company calls the device an "un-computer," and promises that anyone can master the essential point-and-click hardware features instantly.
  • At&T 3G Microcell

    AT&T's [[xref:|3G Microcell|3G Microcell]] won a Silver Award in the design competition in the Communications Tools category.

    This US$150 little tower [[xref:|amps up your AT&T service|AT&T 3G Microcell]] for 3G phones in your home or small business.
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