8 geek videos that aren't viral -- yet

Videos so infectious they make you itch

  • [[xref:|Google Chrome Speed Tests|Google Chrome Speed Tests]]

    This video cracks me up every time. Extremely clever filmmaking depicting the speed of a browser vs...well, see for yourself.

  • [[xref:|Super Easy Mode|Super Easy Mode]]

    Ever wish video games had a "Super Easy Mode"? So do the folks at "College Humor" videos. Check out Duck Hunt and Space Invaders.

  • [[xref:|Robot and a Rubik's Cube.|Robot and a Rubik's Cube.]]

    I honestly cannot make out what the robot is saying. But then, I can't make out what the kid is saying, either. Either way, this video creeps me out. Is this real? If so, we'd better start building Battlestars.

  • [[xref:|Android phone is for porn|Android phone is for porn]]

    Nothing too racy with this video, but it is absolutely hilarious. I guarantee you'll LOL at least once.

  • [[xref:|Pixels|Pixels]]

    Now this type of animation takes talent. This video depicts real life scenes being taken over by 8-bit video games.

  • [[xref:|Star Wars Cantina scene with Snoop Dogg and Adidas|Star Wars Cantina scene with Snoop Dogg and Adidas]]

    I gotta say, casting Snoop Dogg in this video was just brilliant. "I don't like you either, fool!" HA! Plus, he seems to be pretty handy with a lightsaber. The Star Wars scene are seemlessly integrated with product placement and cool cameos. Oh, and this appears to be some sort of sports-clothing commercial, but that's easy enough to overlook.

  • [[xref:|Now this dude got scared|Now this dude got scared]]

    I'm sure you've seen those videos or animated images that have you staring at the screen looking for something, or watching a peaceful scene when all of a sudden...BAM! You're hit with a horrifying image and complementary sound effect sting. Sure, I admit I jumped a bit. This dude, however, takes the cake.

  • [[xref:|Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live|Courtesy of Jimmy Kimmel Live]]

    Ah, the wonderous place that television. Enjoy.

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