IN PICTURES: 15 Ways iPad goes to work

Apple's iconic iPad reports for work in all sorts of strange places, from archaeological digs in Pompeii to movie sets in Hollywood to cockpits in the sky.

  • Doctor: Take this tablet once a day

    Clyde Sullivan, MD, cardiologist, uses the iPad at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital to check up on patients and consult with peers. The iPad cuts the cord that tethers clinicians to offices and nursing stations, freeing them to spend more time with patients.

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  • Archaeologist: iPad for ancient times

    During a dig in the ancient ruins of Pompei, an archaeologist records notes and sketches on an iPad. The iPad 2 even lets you take pictures in the field. Could Indiana Jones have used an iPad? You bet. If the bad guys stole his 3G iPad, Dr. Jones would've been able to track them and it down with the Find iPhone app.

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  • Policeman: Nabbing iBad boys

    When a policeman pulls you over for speeding and then sits in his cruiser for a long time, what's he doing? He's playing Angry Birds on his iPad, of course. More likely he's accessing background information, taking notes, checking maps, maybe even taking photos and video. The iPad is fast-becoming a policeman's new partner.

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  • Movie director: Take one, scene one, action!

    Finally, movie directors have an answer to a prima donna actor's age-old question: What's my motivation? Just check out the scene notes on the iPad and read the damn lines! The iPad has become a movie director's new 64GB clipboard.

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  • Politician: On the campaign trail

    It seems a big part of a politician's job is to give speeches. The iPad's slim form factor makes it perfect for public speakers like New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg to stay on point. "Four score and seven years ago" -- scroll down on the iPad -- "our fathers brought forth..."

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  • Pilot: Taking off with the iPad

    Every so often, commercial airplane pilots need to consult bulky, perhaps out-of-date flight manuals or thumb through navigational charts. With iPads, pilots can find the most current information quickly and easily. The iPad is ready for takeoff!

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  • Spiritual leader: A religious experience

    Apple faithful follow Steve Jobs and his products like a religious movement. Now real spiritual leaders are tapping the power of the iPad. They're reading and referring to important texts, maintaining schedules, taking notes for teaching and preaching.

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  • Musician: An iPad jam session

    From jam sessions to late-night DJs to one-man street bands, the iPad has become a musical creation sensation. The most well-known musical iPad app is Apple's own GarageBand ($5), which can record and play back multiple audio tracks.

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  • Coach (COH): Let's win one for the iPad

    "Setting a goal is not the main thing. It is deciding how you will go about achieving it and staying with that plan." — Tom Landry, former Dallas Cowboys coach

    The late Coach Landry was known for his innovative approach to the game. He likely would have carried an iPad containing plays and schemes, while strolling the sidelines wearing his famous Fedora hat.

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  • Researcher: Can you speak dolphin?

    Last year, research scientist Jack Kassewitz used an iPad as a language interface with a bottlenose dolphin. Other researchers are using the iPad (rather than a clunky laptop) to collect data in the field.

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  • Field service worker: iPad gets dirty

    From carriers to construction workers, iPads are getting out into the field. At D7 Consulting, employees at construction sites from San Francisco to Las Vegas use iPads to input data and make out reports. iPads replace binders filled with paper. (Check out iPad at Work on Dirty Jobs: 5 Lessons Learned)

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  • Retailer: A new cash register

    Cha-ching! Aromas Coffeehouse owner Jeff Milewski uses an iPad and ShopKeep's Web app to ring up customers, reports Silicon Prairie News. Retailers believe the iPad is the next cash register with the added bonus of computing cross-selling opportunities at the point of sale.

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  • Harris Corp, a tech vendor with $US6 billion in annual revenue, is developing an iPad app that will let US soldiers in war zones remotely control cameras mounted on tethered balloons and other unmanned aerial vehicles. Call it the iPad of war.

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  • Artist: The digital canvas

    The iPad has been called a piece of art, not a great content creation machine. But artists are proving otherwise by creating inspirational art on the iPad. Even the iPhone stirred the art world after Jorge Colombo drew a New Yorker cover two years ago.

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  • Starship captain: Next-generation iPad

    Everyone knows iPads have made their way into the enterprise. Captains of industry use them daily. But are iPads a fad or the future? Our take: iPads will be around at least for the next generation. Just ask Captain Picard.

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