Top Christmas gifts: Mobile phone accessories

10 of the coolest mobile phone accessories that won't break your Christmas budget

  • Yamaha PDX-11 portable speaker system

    There are plenty of iPod/iPhone speaker docks on the market, but not many of them look as cool as [[xref:|Yamaha's PDX-11]] ($129). It's a clear throwback to the days of the portable boom box and even has an integrated handle for extra portability. The octagon-shaped speaker has a perforated steel front grill, comes in a choice of four colors (white, dark blue, green and black) and also has a 3.5mm audio input so it will work with all non-Apple devices, too. The PDX-11 is powered by six AA-batteries which Yamaha says is good for up to eight hours of music playback. Enough to fill your Christmas day with tunes.
  • Marshall Major headphones

    Marshall is best known for guitar amplifiers but the iconic Marshall name now extends to headphones, too. The [[xref:|Marshall Major headphones]] (US$119) are a tribute to the company's famous amplifiers — the headband is made out of the same vinyl used in Marshall amplifiers and the sides don the famous, white Marshall logo. The headphones also have a fully collapsible construction, are compatible with any 3.5mm or 6.5mm connection and include an in-line microphone and remote so you can use them with a smartphone.
  • Griffin Helo Remote Chopper

    Is there anything cooler than a remote controlled helicopter? How about one that's controlled by an iPhone, iPad or iPod touch? [[xref:|Griffin's Helo RC]] (US$49.95) is just that: it's a twin-rotor remote controller helicopter that you control using a specially designed iOSapp. It charges via a USB connection and connects to your iDevice with what Griffin calls a Flight Deck, a slide in box that uses an Infrared connection to talk to the chopper. You can use your iPhone/iPad/iPod touch's accelerometer to control the helicopter, or use traditional controls including a virtual joystick. You can even record up to three flight plans to play back later, though you'll need to be quick as the battery only lasts eight minutes.
  • Sony Ericsson MS430 media speaker stand

    Believe it or not, this awesome looking stainless steel cylinder is actually [[xref:|Sony Ericsson's MS430 media speaker stand]] ($39). Simply pull and twist the canister to reveal a 3.5mm headphone jack that plugs straight into any smartphone or portable media player. Powered by three included AAA batteries, the cylindrical design of the MS430 means it acts as a stand as well as a speaker. The sound quality won't blow you away but it looks so good that you probably won't even notice.
  • BookBook for iPhone case

    We've seen some pretty nifty iPhone cases over the years and the [[xref:|BookBook for iPhone]] ($79.95) is definitely one of those. It's an iPhone case and a wallet combined into one, and is designed to look exactly like a pocket-sized, vintage book. Open it up and you'll find a wallet with slots for credit cards and cash on the left side, and space for your iPhone 4 or 4S on the right. The BookBook for iPhone covers the camera lens but a red tab at the base will conveniently push the iPhone slightly out of the case if you need to capture a photograph or record a video.
  • Nokia Play 360 Wireless speaker

    About the size of a small cookie jar, [[xref:|Nokia's Play 360]] ($149) is an awesome looking portable speaker that will wirelessly stream music from your smartphone via Bluetooth. If your phone is lucky enough to have built-in NFC (Near Field Communications) connectivity (only those who own a Nokia N9 or a Google Nexus S are in luck), you can even pair your phone with the Play 360 speaker by simply tapping the two devices together. Better still, if you buy two of these babies, they detect each other using NFC and switch to stereo sound with left and right audio channels. It also includes a standard 3.5mm audio jack if you prefer your sound wired.
  • Opena iPhone case

    The [[xref:|Opena]] ($39.95) has the distinction of being the first iPhone case in the world with a slide-out bottle opener. Designed and developed by Aussie pair Rob Ward and Chris Peters, the Opena case came about after the two came to the conclusion that most people always have to hunt for a bottle opener. It's made from a protective PC/ABS hard case and has an integrated, slide-out, stainless steel bottle opener on the back. The boys say it will fit all models of the iPhone 4 and 4S. We say it's the perfect companion to a hot Aussie Christmas.
  • Pioneer SE-CL331 Washable in-ear sports earphones

    If you love listening to music while working out, you'll know that working up a sweat often results in your headphones dripping with sweat. Pioneer noticed too and that's why it created the [[xref:|SE-CL331 washable in-ear sports earphones]] (US$59.99). They're IPX7 International Protection Rated making them waterproof up to one metre - therefore completely washable. Available in white, blue and pink colours, the SE-CL331 headphone use a standard, gold-plated 3.5mm plug, so they will work with any mobile phone or portable music players than has a headphone jack.
  • Sinch headphone assistant

    Every now and again a simple but effective product comes along that makes you ask "why didn't I think of that!?". The [[xref:|Sinch headphone assistant]] (US$15.99) is one such product. It's a simple yet stylish solution that aims to untangle headphone cords. It uses a combination of an elastic band and magnets to keep your headphone cord organised and attached to your device without tangles. Simply plug your headphones into it, pull out as much cord as you need, then snap it closed.
  • Jawbone ERA Bluetooth headset

    Let's face it, most people look like the W word when wearing a Bluetooth headset. You won't have this problem if you're wearing the [[xref:|Jawbone ERA]] ($149.95). It's both attractive and comfortable with a curved, angled design that's highlighted by a stylish, etched pattern on the front. Coloured plastic underneath creates a layered look and an ultimately distinctive design. Best of all, it's built really well and sounds awesome, too.
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