In Pictures: iGuess - Speculation on what Apple HDTV might look like

A look at some of the best guesses about Apple’s long-rumoured HDTV.

  • Will the real Apple HDTV please stand up? Foxconn CEO Terry Gou confirmed, in an interview with China Daily, that his company is preparing to manufacture Apple’s iTV device – a product that was just a rumor up to that point. While no one knows for certain what it will look like, there have been plenty media outlets and artists willing to give it their best guess. Here are a few.

  • The giant iPad A mockup produced for Cult of Mac by Dan Draper – based on information provided by an unnamed source – makes the iTV look like a huge iPad on a stand. Also, color us impressed if that feature list turns out to be accurate.

  • All-in-one This effort, from Brazilian designer Guilherme Schasiepen, postulates a multifunctional device with its features organized in tabs.

  • Just the basics TechFever headlined a story speculating on a potential Apple HDTV last year with this simple image.

  • Slide to unlock This is a cool early concept from 9 to 5 Mac – though we have to admit we laughed a bit at the thought of a slide-to-unlock feature on a big wall-mounted TV.

  • On the menu IGN’s mockup gives the iTV a believably Apple-esque interface.

  • Siri’s star turn? Redmond Pie jokes that a Siri-powered TV might have its limitations.

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