In Pictures: 10 superhero powers every CIO should have

These 10 super powers would make even the most beleaguered CIO an IT hero. Let’s just hope they use their new-found power for tech good.

  • 10 Superhero Powers Every CIO Should Have These 10 super powers would make even the most beleaguered CIO an IT hero. Read on to see how your favorite superhero trait would help your IT department keep villains at bay. Let's just hope they use their new-found power for good.

  • Superman Super Power: Superhuman, X-ray and laser vision IT Application: See what the problem is, without having to move or take apart equipment. Solder wires, components and printed circuit boards (PCBs) in the blink of an eye. And the abiliity to fly would make those cloud deployments much more efficient.

  • Spider-Man Super Power: Spider senses and agility IT Application: Web 2.0, meet Web 3.0. With your new spider senses, no bug is going to get past you. Ability to sense problems and solve them quickly. Plus those spider webs you can now shoot are way stronger than duct tape. Spidey senses are perfectly suited to an agile environment.

  • Wonder Woman Super Power: Super stamina, Lasso of Truth IT Application: The stamina to get you through any deployment -- or new employee training. Also, the Lasso of Truth would sure come in handy when vendors and project managers are giving you the runaround. And you can't underestimate the power to deflect bullets.

  • Iron Man Super Power: Suit of armor IT Application: When doing battle with vendors or the CEO--or Sales and Marketing--a thick skin is essential. Could come in handy next time the network goes down or that SasS app you fought for goes offline.

  • The Flash Super Power: Super speed IT Application: Run circles around your colleagues (literally); set up networks in a flash; fix just about any IT problem in a jiffy. And in today's BYOD culture, you'll need that speed to keep pace with your users.

  • Invisible Woman Super Power: Invisibility and ability to create an invisible force field IT Application: Now you can really protect your organization's IT assets. An invisible network might confuse those cybercriminals -- at least for a few days. Plus you can make yourself scarce if things get out of control.

  • Jean Grey (aka The Phoenix) Super Power: Telekinesis (i.e., the ability to move objects with one's mind) IT Application: Talk about the ultimate mobile technology. Move computers, servers, racks and carts with your mind. Also, perfect to move the business folks out of the way.

  • Night Crawler Super Power: Teleportation IT Application: Get to and from the office--or data center--in seconds; reduce your travel budget. And if things go wrong on the big data project, you can get the heck out of there fast.

  • Professor X (Charles Xavier) Super Power: Telepathy (i.e., the ability to read and manipulate human minds) IT Application: Compliance? No problem. Anticipate the CEO -- or convince him now is not the time to deploy a new ERP system. Also very handy when dealing with vendors. Talk about "business intelligence." Would also let you cut way down on the number of meetings you need to attend.

  • Green Arrow Super Power: Expert archer, martial artist and athlete IT Application: With your quiver of trick arrows you will have no problem shooting down any IT problem, plus keeping Sales and Marketing and pesky vendors at a distance. And those martial arts skills will let you take on malicious hackers in the trenches. No, you probably won't win, but it will be a better fight.

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