In Pictures: Presidential Inauguration - there’s an app for that

Where to watch the big event on Jan. 21, plan your trip to D.C., or watch President Obama dance Gangnam style

  • 57th Presidential Inauguration prep Inauguration day is a big moment in politics, and so of course there are a variety of apps to download for almost every conceivable inauguration activity. Follow every moment of the action with a live stream from the official inauguration app. If you’re attending the event, find a listing of parties to attend. And if you’re sitting at home, there are plenty of history and game apps inaugural-themed as well. Whatever your fancy, there are plenty of options for political junkies at heart.

  • Being official The official app of the inauguration will provide a live stream of the event, as well as a map showing activities on the big day. Find out where the best viewing spots are, or reference the all-important listing of where bathrooms are on the National Mall, for those in attendance. For home-viewers, the app has built-in social media support so you can follow all the inauguration news on Twitter and share your thoughts.

  • Well it’s not quite an app, but… The official organizer of the inauguration is the Joint Congressional Committee on Inaugural Ceremonies, which has optimized its website for mobile use. Through the website, users can get directions to their viewing area based on their ticket type, double-check the list of prohibited items (no strollers, umbrellas, signs, posters or laser pointers!) and get real-time streaming text of the speech.

  • CNN, NYTimes It’s one of the biggest news stories of the young year, so you know the news media outlets will have the inauguration covered from floor to ceiling. Check out the app from your news site du jour. CNN, New York Times, Washington Post, USA Today and pretty much any other major national media outlet all have mobile apps ready to bring you the latest news about anything and everything going on during the public swearing in on Jan. 21.

  • Obama Inauguration Countdown Just how long is it until the big moment? For the impatient types, the Obama Inauguration Countdown app will tell you down to the second how long you’ll be waiting until the President is re-sworn in as Commander in Chief.

  • Pocket Obama Want to re-live the President’s first inauguration? Pocket Obama, Inauguration Edition is here to help. The app breaks down the president’s original inauguration speech into 45 bite-size chunks, which you can stream directly from your iPhone app for free. A paid version has more than 200 categories of Obama quotes, including jokes, wisdom, advice and more. For $0.99 cents, you can also buy a non-inauguration-themed Pocket Obama app, which has individual words and phrases spoken in the president’s voice.

  • Going to be in D.C.? For anyone who’s ever been to an inauguration, you know the real fun happens at the Inaugural Ball parties. For anyone in the nation’s capital, the Inauguration Events 2013 app could be helpful. It provides a listing of all the parties happening around town, including time, location, cost. Want to party at the California Inaugural Luncheon and Fashion show? This app will tell you where, when and how.

  • For the history buffs If you’re a real fan of political history, this may be the app for you. For $0.99, the American Pen app has an index of every inauguration speech ever given. Relive the first speech delivered by our Founding Father George Washington, or Ronald Reagan’s inaugural addresses from yesteryear.

  • Obama – Gangnam Style And finally, perhaps the weirdest political app on the market – the Obama Gangnam style app. If you’re looking to celebrate the inauguration with the most viral dance since the Macarena, well, there’s an app for that (of course). Gangman President, originally developed for the election, allows users to control Obama, or Mitt Romney, doing the Gangnam Style dance, with a variety of interchangeable backgrounds. For you Republicans, now you can picture Romney doing the Gangnam Style dance in the Oval Office – which obviously would have been one of his top priorities had he been elected.

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