In Pictures: Cloud predictions for 2013

What does the IT industry predict for the Cloud in 2013? Here are 10 key projections.

  • For my annual Network World "Outlook" column, I asked the IT industry for their 2013 predictions. The industry, it turned out, wasn't shy about their opinions and I received something like 400 predictions. A select few made it into the column and I've recently launched a website, Tech Predictions, to showcase the rest. The range of topics covered by these predictions was extremely broad and here, as a taste of the collection, we have 10 Cloud Predictions for 2013.

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #1: The cloud creates more opportunities for entrepreneurs in IT Contributor: Alan Clark, OpenStack Foundation director and director at SUSE Likelihood: 100% ... If I were looking for the next breakout venture, I'd focus on high-availability solutions, storage, metering and monitoring services, and automation. Those are the areas where some areas have outpaced the market, so look for those areas to create cloud investment in particular

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #2: The focus will shift from building cloud environments to efficiently running them Contributor: Anonymous Likelihood: 100% To obtain ROI from virtualization and cloud adoption, companies will look to productivity improvements to reduce OPEX and improve economics.

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #3: Private clouds will become increasingly important Contributor: Colin Jack, lead systems engineer, Embotics Corporation Likelihood: 100% In 2013, private clouds will be a strategic enabler for IT ... Although concerns regarding security and regulation will remain, the benefits of private clouds will outweigh these concerns.

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #4: Increasing importance of the cloud Contributor: Naeem Zafar, CEO, Bitzer Mobile Likelihood: 100% Everything (everything!) will eventually move to the cloud and in 2013 it's going to continue to happen in a big way. ... I predict a great deal of consolidation in the enterprise mobility industry as mobility becomes a more central part of our infrastructure rather than a separate category.

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #5: Hybrid clouds will become more important Contributor: Colin Jack, lead systems engineer, Embotics Corporation Likelihood: 100% In 2013, enterprises will opt for variety when it comes to cloud deployments, looking for the cost-efficiency and flexibility. When businesses are using hybrid cloud environments of both public and private clouds, IT must clearly weigh the benefits of the workloads against associated risks and cloud management costs

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #6: Enterprise IT will take ownership of cloud adoption Contributor: Anonymous Likelihood: 100% The focus will be on what workload to run where to maximize ROI of the infrastructure spend and assure service levels

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #7: Enterprises to start catching up to SMBs in cloud spending Contributor: Andrew Hay, chief evangelist for CloudPassage Likelihood: 60% Cloud already dominates small and mid-sized businesses consumption model. In fact, large enterprise is due to catch up -- and likely will attempt to do so now that they've seen it work in smaller organizations

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #8: Enterprises will demand portability between different vendor's clouds Contributor: Andrew Hay, chief evangelist for CloudPassage, a cloud server security provider Likelihood: 100% ... which IaaS vendor is the right IaaS vendor? The more cloud security vendors that enter the fray, the more the lines of differentiation are blurred. As such, portability between providers becomes a primary concern for users -- and a thorn in the side of cloud providers looking to keep customers on their platform

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #9: Cloud benefits will become more recognizable Contributor: Colin Jack, lead systems engineer, Embotics Corporation Likelihood: 100% In general, 2013 will be a big year for the cloud, but are companies ready for it? ... The term cloud has been tossed around so much that many individuals are catching 'cloud fatigue,' ... The true benefits of the cloud will outweigh the cloud hype in the industry in 2013.

  • 2013 Cloud Prediction #10: Contingency planning will increasingly involve the cloud Contributor: Greg Kefer, GT Nexus Likelihood: 100% ... On the heels of multiple crushing disasters that ravaged entire communities and completely stalled business operations for some in 2012, organizations will take greater responsibility in 2013 for their contingency planning, and the cloud will be center-stage in developing those strategies. ... In the Cloud, businesses are agile and resilient, a true competitive advantage that more enterprises will deploy in 2013.

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