In Pictures: 12 Linux nerds you should follow

There are a lot of personalities out there in the Linux corner of the Internet.

  • There are a lot of personalities out there in the Linux corner of the Internet. Some of them are developers, some are advocates and evangelists. Others are community enthusiasts. If you're looking to stay updated on the Linux world, here's a list of some of the most interesting people to follow, just to get you started.

  • Linus Torvalds This one is a no-brainer. The man did start the Linux project (and is the master of the Kernel). He has an active presence on Google+. Sometimes he talks about Linux. Sometimes he talks about general tech. Sometimes he talks about scuba diving. Either way, he is an interesting one to follow.

  • Theodore Ts'o Theodore has contributed to the kernel and has worked on a few different file system-related projects (he is the maintainer of ext4). So he knows his stuff. But, more importantly, he provides his opinions on a wide range of Linux-related topics in rather amusing ways, primarily on G+.

  • Nixie Pixel Nixie produces some excellent videos on everything from Linux distros to Regex to games. It’s all very nerdy and very high-quality. Plus, she sometimes posts funny pictures on G+ and Twitter.

  • Joey-Elijah Sneddon Joey is the man behind OMG! Ubuntu! and various other “OMG!” themed nerdy websites. To stay up to date on breaking Linux news (mostly Ubuntu related) and reviews, Joey is worth a follow on G+ and Twitter. Plus, he posts about Doctor Who a fair bit, which is always a plus.

  • Greg Kroah-Hartman Greg is a Linux Kernel developer and maintainer who wrote a book about Linux Device Drivers and maintains packages for Gentoo. Saying that is my way of informing you that this man has nerd cred. Serious, off-the-charts, nerd cred. He's on Twitter, but G+ is where the action is.

  • Jordan Keyes Jordan is the man behind the most excellent “This Week in Linux” video podcast – which is an excellent source of Linux news. He also works on XDA Developer TV if you're looking for high-quality content about Android. He’s informed, level-headed, and just a general good guy. G+ is the place to see what he's up to and interact with him.

  • Alan Cox A heavyweight in the Linux world, Alan was the maintainer of the 2.2 branch of the Linux kernel and has been a major contributor to the kernel over the years, although he is not currently an active contributor. Even so, he remains a highly interesting individual to follow with nerd cred coming out of his nose, having worked on GNOME, even his own MUD. Following him on G+ is a moral imperative.

  • Jono Bacon Jono is the “Community Manager” for Ubuntu, which means, if I understand it correctly, “guy who chats about stuff with other people who want to chat about stuff.” Luckily, he does that pretty well. He posts regularly to both Twitter and G+, and he also does a video Q&A on a regular basis. So, if you're curious about what's going on in the Ubuntu world and you want that information straight from the horse's mouth, this is the right horse.

  • Jos Poortvliet Jos is the SUSE version of Jono (he is the openSUSE Community Manager). He tends to make himself available on G+ and provides a small mountain of information on what is happening in the SUSE world.

  • Lennart Poettering Interested in PulseAudio or systemd (or general Open Source “technology stack” topics and projects)? Lennart is the man to follow. When it comes to building the guts of a system, he knows his stuff. He is, like so many others in the Linux world, hanging out on G+.

  • Aaron Seigo Interested in KDE or general Open Source topics? Good. So is Aaron. And if you follow him on G+, you'll get a nice healthy dose of news updates and opinions. Aaron has a tendency to speak his mind, which can make things quite fun from time to time. Side note: Aaron is one of the few people on Earth that I will allow to correct me on a technical topic. Because he's usually right.

  • Chris Fisher You may know Chris from the Linux Action Show (which he and I founded seven years ago . . . geez, I'm getting old). He's active on Twitter and G+ and tends to talk a lot about Android and Bitcoin. Which, I have a gut feeling, some of you are going to be interested in.

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