In Pictures: There really is an app for that

Some apps are useful, some apps are fun, but these apps just make you say, 'Wow, really?'

  • We're awash in mobile apps, from the useful (office apps) to the entertaining (the many versions of Angry Birds), but if you ever, say, need to know when to take a bathroom break while watching a movie or want to simulate the awesome experience of stapling, these apps have you covered.

  • RunPee You're settled into your seat, watching a movie that's pulled you in, you're fully engrossed in the on-screen action ... and you get that feeling. You gotta go. But you don't want to miss anything! All you need to do is tell this app, available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone, what movie you're watching, and it will tell you the most opportune time to take a pit stop. As a bonus, it'll tell you if you need to stick around for any post-credits extra scenes.

  • Hiccup Begone Hiccups are just the worst, and naturally, when you get them, everybody around you has a weird homespun cure to offer. But instead of trying to drink a glass of water while upside-down (seriously, people?), give this carnival-themed app a whirl. It'll apply some proven principles like fright and distraction to chase those hiccups away.

  • SimStapler You'll laugh, you'll scoff, you'll say, "That is so stupid," but you will staple. Oh, how you'll staple. (Note: You won't actually staple anything. But the simulation will be so realistic, you’ll wonder why your papers aren't actually attached.)

  • Toilet Finder Remember when George Costanza claimed that if you gave him a street corner in New York, he could tell you the closest public toilet? Well, if George became a mobile developer, this would be his app. Available for iOS and Android, it uses GPS to tell you where the nearest restrooms are. Now that's handy!

  • Annoy-a-Teen No, it's not an app that nags teens to use proper English instead of doing their homework in text-speak. In fact, it's even more diabolical: This iOS app plays an annoying, high-pitched sound that only teens can hear, as their ears are still sensitive enough to pick up the frequency, which is inaudible to all those olds who've lost sensitivity in their ears over time.

  • Pimple Popper Available for Android and iOS, this app looks to make a game out of what is, to teenagers, a matter of life and death. Yes, it's a seek-and-destroy mission as you seek to clear faces of zits, each variety of which must be popped a different way. Sure, it's kind of a gross concept for a game, but it beats the real-world alternative.

  • iVoodoo Everybody has at least one person in their life about whom they've thought, "If I had a voodoo doll for them, I'd...." Well, this iOS app gives you a kinder-gentler voodoo doll, so you can work out your aggression without having to worry about getting caught up in any supernatural shenanigans.

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