In Pictures: iOS accessories - Bluetooth galore

This roundup of iOS accessories is chock full of Bluetooth-enabled wireless speaker systems. We've even got one that you can take in the shower with you.

  • Blue Flame The $100 Slingshot Wireless is a Bluetooth speaker whose water-resistance offers unique possibilities: Take it in bathroom and hang it from the showerhead so that you can play tunes or listen to the morning news—or even take phone calls—relayed wirelessly from your iPhone or iPad while you get your nethers washed for the day.

  • iLuv Do you like it when somebody grabs you by the shoulders and shakes you awake? Then you’ll love the $100 TimeShaker Dock, which in addition to being a Lightning-equipped dock for your iPhone 5, also features an attachment called the “Bedshaker”—just slip it under your pillow, and when it’s time to get up, the device will vibrate you to wakefulness. Also knew from iLuv is a series of new charging and syncing cables for your iOS device.

  • Invoxia The $299 AudiOffice puts your iOS device at the center of its business-telephone system, letting you dock your smartphone and make calls using either the four speakers in the base, or the included handset for old-fashioned personal discussion. The device also supports Siemens Enterprise Communications’ OpenScape Mobility solutions, including VoIP and video calling.

  • iOmounts On August 1, This company will launch a $25 car mount for the iPhone that uses the same magnetic adaptor and rotation system as iOmounts’s home and office iPad stands. The company says each mount will be custom-designed to fit the specific make and model of your car.

  • Lunatik This stylus maker has several new products available for back-to-school shoppers: The $20 Chubby Stylus (pictured) is, well, chubby and made for younger hands to achieve some level of precision when writing and drawing on the iPad or iPhone. The $40 Touch Pen features both a stylus tip for iOS tablet use and an pen for use on paper.

  • Onkyo The $299 CS-255 is a Lightning-equipped-speaker-dock audio system for your iPhone 5. In addition to the two standalone speakers, the CS-255 also includes an AM/FM radio with the up to 60 presets.

  • Pyle Audio Pyle Audio’s new $70 Sound Flow is, like the Slingshot Wireless we mentioned earlier, a Bluetooth-enabled portable wireless speaker, perfect for poolside use. It offers enhanced bass sound, and up to seven hours of play on a single charge. Pyle Audio’s new $70 Sound Flow is, like the Slingshot Wireless mentioned earlier, a Bluetooth-enabled, portable, wireless speaker, perfect for poolside use. The company says the Sound Flow offers enhanced bass sound and up to seven hours of play on a single charge.

  • Soen Audio The Transit is—surprise!—another portable Bluetooth speaker, and one that also lets you play music or phone calls wirelessly from your iOS device. It’s small, but it features a rubberized exterior surface and a kickstand. Soen has offered no word, at this point, on pricing or availability.

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