In Pictures: Groundhog day technology style

What is the equivalent in technology to Punxsutawney Phil seeing his shadow?

  • It is just about time for Punxstawney Phil to make his annual appearance out of his hole. Will we have six more weeks of winter? We started to think what would be a cause and effect in the technology world. Read on to see.

  • So if you see Steve Ballmer, it means six more months of no new CEO at Microsoft.

  • If you see Apple and Samsung in court again, it means no new verdict for another six years

  • If you see Cisco with more Insieme announcements, it just means Cisco is stalling in hopes SDN quiets down.

  • If you see Larry Ellison in the office during the America's Cup, then you know his ship has sank.

  • If you see Marisa Mayer working from home, then sshhh, don't tell because she is breaking her own policy.

  • If you see pictures of what is called the Next iPhone, then just ignore it because it is just a doctored photo.

  • If you see a wearable 60-inch LCD TV screen, you've seen CES 2015.

  • If you see Elon Musk, he has built his hyper loop, well at least to Pennsylvania.

  • If you see your email, so has the NSA.

  • If you see a Bitcoin, is it really there?

  • If you see Mark Zuckerberg, he wants to be your friend.

  • If you see Tim Cook, he is looking for the next "iThing".

  • If you see Bill Murray with Google Glass on, run.

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