IN PICTURES: Building a Partner Ecosystem: Making the right connections, Melbourne

ARN's latest networking event was held at Melbourne's Encore in St Kilda, and sponsored by IBM. Attendees were treated to an introduction to some of the problems with building a Cloud ecosystem by ARN, followed by a rundown on how to engage partners by Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses. A panel discussion followed, featuring ABT's Frank O'Donoghue, Offis' Chy Chuawiwat, IBM's Rob Sherry and SugarCRM's Wayne Goss, discussing some of the ways in which MSPs and ISVs can work together to collaborate on developing Cloud solutions.

  • Channel Dynamics' Moheb Moses

  • Panellists, from left: Moheb Moses (Channel Dynamics), Frank O'Donoghue (ABT), Chy Chuawiwat (Offis), Rob Sherry (IBM), Wayne Goss (SugarCRM)

  • Graeme Clark, Advent One - one of ARN's gold class ticket winners

  • Peter Sanderson, Team computing - one of ARN's gold class ticket winners

  • David Strahan, Computerspan - one of ARN's gold class ticket winners

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