In Pictures: Firefox 29

Mozilla brings its A-game to the latest version of Firefox browser.

  • Big changes Mozilla has pulled out the stops for Firefox 29, including a host of major changes in the latest iteration of its flagship browser. In addition to the usual bug fixes and security patches, users will notice some big changes to the interface and have new options for entertainment and syncing.

  • New look! Changes to major visual elements of web browsers aren’t that common, so it was something of a surprise to see a cleaner, more streamlined look for tabs and the main bar in Firefox 29.

  • New menu style The menu has been redesigned, giving users an easy-access grid for what Mozilla says are the most commonly used commands, without removing functionality. Handy.

  • New customizability The ability to drag and drop most elements of the Firefox window around and tinker with them until they’re to your liking is also new in Firefox 29, thanks to the customize mode in the new main menu.

  • Firefox Sync You can now create an account with Firefox to enable sync across all devices on which you use the browser, which is both handy and, arguably, considerably overdue.

  • The grand tour Perhaps because of all the new stuff in Firefox 29, Mozilla has included an interactive tour of many of the new features, for the users not fortunate enough to stumble across this handy first look.

  • Gamepads?! Oh yes, they went there – Firefox 29 now features a customized gamepad API enabled by default, letting you use those Xbox and Playstation controllers for browser-based gaming.

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