From Android L to Google Fit: All the new products and features from Google I/O

Google unleashed a torrent of fresh features and products and its annual I/O keynote. Here's a round-up of all the news and new platforms.

  • Sundar Pichai onstage at Google I/O 2014

  • Android L looks awful pretty. Google’s introducing a new aesthetic dubbed Material Design in Android L, with a focus on object depth and animation.

  • Sundar Pichai, the boss of Android, Apps, and Chrome for Google, also revealed a new initiative dubbed Android for Work, which aims to bolster Android’s security and business chops.

  • The LG G Watch became available for pre-order today.

  • The newly unveiled Android Auto, meanwhile, aims to integrate your ‘Droid with your drive in a way that’s road-responsible.

  • Google’s also trying to resuscitate the corpse of Google TV with Android TV, yet another stab at establishing a beachhead in your living room.

  • Android display mirroring is coming to Chromecast.

  • Like Android L devices, Chromebook users will soon be able to bypass passwords by using a Bluetooth-enabled Android phone for automatic authentication—merely opening the lid will log you in to both the operating system and your Google account. While paired, notifications for incoming calls and texts will appear on your Chromebook, along with low-power warnings for your phone.

  • The Play Games service underpinning Google’s gaming endeavors is giving players richer profiles and cloud-based “bookmarks,” which save your in-game progress alongside a screenshot

  • Google’s jumping on the bandwagon while playing to the potential strengths of Android Wear devices with the launch of Google Fit, a new platform designed to allow your disparate fitness apps and devices play nice together.

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