Take a peek inside Canon's new high performance offices (+13 photos)

New premises and new ways of working for Canon's employees

  • Canon recently moved into a office building in Macquarie Park, but it wasn't just a case of packing and unpacking boxes for the employees.

  • The company set up working groups to study the ways employees spend their day in the office, identifying how long they spent at their desks, moving around, in meetings, or collaborating with others, and co-designed the office space using the feedback from these groups. The goal was to facilitate better efficiency in capturing and sharing information. It didn't just plonk desks and workstations everywhere, instead offering a mixture of desktops, laptops, tablets, and hybrid devices depending on an employees needs. The result is a new office building that's flexible: it has a plethora of open spaces, lots of collaboration areas, and even differently designed meetings rooms; rooms with higher tables and chairs so that people can stand if they wish, and rooms with whiteboard walls so that people brainstorm more effectively. For Canon, it's about giving workers the ability to choose the most appropriate space for their work. Conventional desks and workstations exist, but they are also set up so that they can be used by multiple employees, and there are secure lockers so that employees can store their personal belongings. With a stronger focus on mobility, the company also made a move to the Cloud. But consideration was also given to other factors, not just the office space. Canon made sure things like commute modes were taken into account, and identified a large portion of workers who cycle to work. This resulted in a room dedicated to housing bicycles at the base of the building; it's a room that's right next to the gym. As usual, there are plenty of places to get caffeinated, lots of plants, and artwork from employees spruces up the hallways and common areas. Canon said the new building is 70 per cent more efficient than its previous premises, identifying savings in water, and stating that it recycles up to 90 per cent of the paper it uses.

  • Lots of open space and refreshing greenery is present the moment you step inside the building.

  • A nod to Canon's ever-growing eco-friendliness is present in the reception area. This wall has been constructed using recycled toner cartridges.

  • For customers, the new office has a showroom full of Canon's office technology.

  • For convenience, a gym is located within the building.

  • A bicycle room is also present for those who use pedal power to get to work each day.

  • One of the new meeting rooms, complete with a high desk and high chairs.

  • A bright and open communal eating area.

  • Secure lockers for workers' personal belongings.

  • An open meeting area where users can plug in and share their screen.

  • Yet another collaboration area.

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